Thought of the Day: The Original Kofi Kingston

I was watching Wrestlemania V (for the Wrestlemania Redo Series starting March 10) and during a match I saw a guy that came off as the Kofi Kingston of the 80s.This man would be Tito Santana.  He was a multiple time tag team champion, a multiple time Intercontinental Champion, and very popular in his own right.  Tito also got the occasional world title match but was never a serious contender for the world title.  This is the exact same kind of character that Kofi is now and it got Tito into the Hall of Fame and made him a legend.  There’s nothing wrong with staying at the same level that Kofi is at now and if he stays there for another few years he’ll be just fine.


  1. Chrisman says:

    El Matador gimmick killed him, same as the Model gimmick didn’t seem to do Rick Martel any favours either. They seemed to go from young prospects to has-beens in about 18 months. Think they broke up Strike-Force too early? The tag division exploded pretty much around the time they split up no? What might have been eh…..Kofi Kingston? He calls himself Kingston yet he’s from Ghana. Tool.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    He was done long before El Matador. he was jobbing to Barbarian and Warlord at Mania and Summerslam respectively in 1990.

    As for Kofi, he was originally Jamaican. DX made fun of him for it at Survivor Series time once.