Pick The First DVD Review

It can be any WWE DVD ever.  These are going to take a bit longer to get through so it won’t be airing for awhile.  It can be anything and first to three votes wins.


  1. Wilson says:

    I think the bret Shawn screwjob DVD has to be first…or “beyond the mat”


  2. The_Reptile_ says:

    Ric Flair’s.


  3. DJ says:

    John Cena: My Life


    Macios Reply:



    John Reply:



  4. Vertex says:

    I think “The Monday Night Wars” would be a pretty awesome start 🙂


  5. Kcorthe says:

    The Legacy of Stone Cold Steve Austin; lots of matches on there that I’d like to see rated.


  6. SuperSteve16 says:

    The best of raw 2009


  7. Mayonnaise Warrior says:

    The Epic Journey of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.


  8. Stormy says:

    Mick Foley’s Greatest Hits and Misses. Preferably the re-release with a third disc (I think it was called hardcore edition or something).

    Either that, or wait until the new Mick Foley Blu Ray comes out. I think it’s coming out in a month or 2.


    Your Eternal Reward Reply:

    I agree on Mick Foleys Greatest Hits and Misses hardcore edition.


  9. Mathix says:

    The Mania of Wrestlemania. If not that then Rise and Fall of ECW


  10. Remy says:

    Yeah, definitely this one.


    Remy Reply:

    I meant Stormy’s pick. Hurr durr.


  11. Blue Chipper says:

    The Rise and Fall of ECW.


  12. Deanerandterry says:

    Triumph and Tragedy of WCCW or the spectacular Legacy of the AWA.


  13. AttitudeFan says:

    Oh my god some of these choices are turrrrrrrrrrible.

    It should be

    Rise And Fall Of ECW
    Stone Cold Doc
    CM Punk Best In The World


  14. Steve says:

    CM Punk: Best in the World


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