Question Regarding the Ebooks

Would having one every month to six weeks be overkill?  Remember that there’s no time frame for buying them as I’m not taking them down or anything, but would putting a new one out that often be too much?  They will never be more than $5 each and they’ll be formatted better next time as I’ve figured out a few things I did wrong.  Also I’ll be writing an original one soon with a large amount of unreleased material.  The reason for the time frame is due to how the payment from Amazon works as basically if I wait for the first of the month, it causes another month of waiting on my end.  The book has been selling well and more are definitely coming.  I’m just not sure on the time frame.


Thoughts on this?


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  1. Macios says:

    I think one every 8 weeks is reasonable. You could always through in a special e-book somewhere in there in between If need be. And if it doesn’t work you have the benefit of being the one publishing it anyway so you could always move it to your liking. I’m thinking it’s fine though.