Undertaker Returns At House Show

Apparently he was in a tag match.  Pictures and video (from WWE’s official Youtube channel) included.

He doesn’t look great but Undertaker could sit in the ring and have a ham sandwich at Wrestlemania and get a big ovation.

My guess is a match with Punk which would likely be the best bet.



  1. Jabroni Joe says:

    Wow. Imagine your at a nothing house show and the fucking Undertaker returns. Major mark out moments for those in attendance.

  2. Macios says:

    I’m skeptical. First thought was this is awesome. Second thought, what if they are testing him in a tag match to see if he can wrestle? Now I don’t know anything about the match but my guy feeling is that this was a tester.

  3. The Killjoy says:

    The video got taken down. I believe that’s Sandow getting Old Schooled but who’s ‘Taker’s partner? An NXT guy?

    klunderbunker Reply:

    It was Sheamus.

    Stormy Reply:

    And the guy in the red trunks is Wade Barrett.

  4. Chrisman says:

    Can he still be ‘The Deadman’ with no hair? Re-invention number 5?