HHH Returns On Raw

Two guesses on who he came out to fight.  Hint:His name is Brock Lesnar.  We all knew this was coming and there’s nothing we can do to stop it.  What a waste for the sake of HHH’s ego.


  1. Evan says:

    Here’s what I don’t get about this scenario ; I believe that “Once in a Lifetime” should have been “Once in a Lifetime” but when you think about it, it makes sense due to it making the company a shit load of money and the idea of a Cena redemption storyline actually puts this generation over. THEY HAVE A REASON TO FIGHT.

    HHH-Lesnar on the other hand ? Lesnar has already fucked Triple H up and broke his arm… TWICE. He beat Triple H CLEAN FOR FUCK SAKES. There is literally no reason for this match to take place and it pisses me off. These two guys are literally my top two favorites EVER and even I don’t want to see this shit.

    This pretty much makes Punk-Taker a lock as well. FUCK.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    I was talking to Disco Inferno once (yes, that Disco Inferno and yes I really did that) and he said that once a match ends clean, there is absolutely no reason for another match to happen. WHy should I want to see a match again if it already ended clean? Unless it was non-title and you’re putting the belt in, why watch it again?

    chris Reply:

    That is exactly why Cena rock 2 shouldn’t happen it’s already ended clean.

  2. Evan says:

    Punk might have well just came out and said “Hey Undertaker, I ain’t got shit to do at Wrestlemania, wanna wrestle ?” . For an individual who has a character that revolves around the WWE title, you DON’T SAY that anything is more important than the title. HELL, he didn’t even hype the match.

    That promo served one purpose and that’s to give Taker a reason to interfere or some shit tonight. I know predictability isn’t bad sometimes but this predictability is HORRIBLE.

    FauladKaAulad Reply:

    so…..you are wrong 🙂

  3. Evan says:

    How the hell am I wrong ? They’re obviously doing Punk-Taker.

  4. Selfish Generation says:

    I don’t see the issue here. Brock has reportedly signed a contract extension beyond Mania, meaning he can still have other feuds after Hunter (and let’s face it, the number of people who could have a realistic feud with Lesnar is VERY limited).

    And so the hell what if Lesnar has already beaten HHH clean? This feud isn’t about championships or who is the better wrestler. It’s about hatred and revenge and violence, and it makes perfect sense from a storyline perspective for HHH defend his family (and yes, get his win back).

  5. Chrisman says:

    call me a mark but HHH looked like a badass and I loved the mini-streetfight.

    Can’t see why everyone hates HHH so much when he’s done exactly the same as pretty much every top wrestler has done, and that’s try and stay on top. From Hulk to Hart to HBK, they’ve all tried to cling to top spot and keep others down. HHH is no different. I don’t get it.