Update on the E-Books

First of all, thank you all very much for buying them so far.  It has sold far better than I was expecting and and I hope you all enjoyed it.  The first book is of course still available at Amazon in the US at:


And in England at:

England Link

And in Canada at:

Canada Link

It’s available in every other major Amazon site as well.  Just search 1998 Monday Night Raw and it should be the first result that comes up.


As for the second e-book……I’ve already started it and I’m hoping to have it out this month in time for Wrestlemania.  It’s a FAR more in depth book and will likely be much longer.  It’s a history book with over 200 matches reviewed, many of them being reviewed either for the first time or with a new review done.  The stuff between the matches will be ALL NEW material.  I’m already proud of this and I have the whole thing mapped out already.  Stay around for that and I’ll give you some more details on it in the future.


Thanks for your support



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