Why I Watch Wrestling (Bit More On Punk vs. Cena)

Last night was a great example.For every lame show, for every stupid promo, for every time Brooke Hogan has to appear on my TV, there’s a chance, albeit a slim one, that you’ll get something like what we got last night.  Last night’s main event was everything I could ask for in a wrestling match: it had build, it had drama, it had action, it had surprises, it had a white hot crowd, it meant something in the long run, and I didn’t expect it.


In short, I watch wrestling because you never know what you might get to see on any given night.  That’s what makes it so fun to watch.  Yeah it’s probably false hope most of the time, but you never can tell what they might bust out.  Awesome match last night still.


Oh and one more thing: why is it being compared to the MITB match?  They’re totally different things and of course the PPV match should have been better.  It’s not a fair comparison to make, but this is the internet so it’s going to be made anyway.


  1. CCTV says:

    Last night’s match was amazing.. If there is a word more appealing than amazing, I’ll use that. It was a great display of wrestling, mindgame, playing with the crowd, attacks-counter attacks, power moves, high flying moves & most importantly, it kept you on the edge of your sit throughout the match. I feel fortunate that I witnessed it.

    But the main reason I enjoyed it a lot because, last night I stopped thinking what will happen or what should happen, who will interfere or not, who will turn face/heel etc. & just enjoyed what WWE is offering us to see & at least till wrestlemania, I will stop being WWE creative & will enjoy every bit of WWE. ( that mean, I have to be JAY till mania. 🙂 )

  2. chris says:

    As tony would say it was the greatest match in the history of our great sport.