Thought of the Day: The Streak Is Pretty Amazing

Think about this for a minute.There have been 28 Wrestlemanias.  Not only has Undertaker appeared at 20 of them, but he’s won EVERY SINGLE TIME.  I think people forget how big of a deal this really is.  Nexus debuted almost three years ago, Chris Benoit was almost six years ago, The Alliance was almost 12 years ago, Nitro was dominant 16 years ago, Hogan went to WCW 19 years ago, and Monday Night Raw debuted over 20 years ago.


In that whole time, Undertaker has been appearing at Wrestlemania and winning.  His resume at Wrestlemania is better than a lot of wrestlers have done in their entire careers: pinned every member of Evolution, won three world titles, beaten ten former world champions, won two HIAC matches and I could go on.


There’s an arguments that it’s the greatest feat in wrestling history and I’m not sure how much I disagree with it.

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  1. Maw says:

    And he has missed just two WM ssince his career began.