Wrestlemania 29 Preview – No Holds Barred Career Match: Brock Lesnar vs. HHH

Now stop me if you’ve heard this one before.Brock Lesnar debuted a year ago and this is his second feud.  He’s spent roughly eleven months feuding with HHH over something that I’m still not entirely clear on.  I think Lesnar started this because he was mad about HHH running the show and then beat him up at Summerslam, but now it’s about revenge for Vince.  Or something.  Anyway, we saw these two have a No DQ match at Summerslam which was nothing all that exciting at all.

On top of that, the stipulation of HHH’s career being on the line really doesn’t add much because HHH is already retired for all intents and purposes.  He wrestled twice last year and I think four times on TV the year before.  Putting his career on the line is nowhere near the same as when Flair or Michaels did it as they were both active competitors.  I get what they’re going for with the added stipulation, but at the end of the day the match isn’t very exciting at all.  It’s the same thing we saw and were bored by eight months ago with HHH trying and likely failing to have the big epic showdown he’s hoping for.

As for Lesnar, the problem is very simple: what does he gain from this match?  He’s already beaten HHH once and has done nothing else for the rest of his time in the company other than lose to Cena.  Why in the world would you have someone like that with that much money being spent on him in the same feud for the better part of a year with the match not being great?  It seems like such a waste, but given the millions he’s making a match, can you blame Brock for doing stupid matches like these?

The build has been nothing special either as it feels like they’re trying to recreate what happened last year with Taker vs. HHH.  The idea of the feud is that Brock beat up HHH last summer and now HHH wants a rematch to prove how awesome he is.  The idea of HHH fighting for Vince’s honor doesn’t do much for me and neither does Shawn being in his heterosexual life mate’s corner.  It’s going to be a lot of what we saw before with Shawn likely superkicking Heyman at some point.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see Stephanie and Vince make appearances during the match as well.

As for the match itself, I can’t imagine HHH losing.  He’s 43 years old and can still put on good matches which give younger guys a solid rub as a result.  As stupid of an idea as it would be to have Lesnar go 1-2 in his first year back with the company and waste two of those matches on HHH of all people, I can’t picture it going any other way.  HHH is going to get back in the ring again which is the right move, but at this price I’m not sure if it’s worth it.  Either way the match will be very physical but likely not live up to the standards they’ve set for the match, as HHH’s “epic” matches rarely work at all.


  1. chris says:

    I’m still not sure what the point of this is?

    It’s almost like they boxed themselves in a corner. If Triple H wins so what? He’s not wrestling full time.

    If Lesnar wins so what? He beat him already in a match no one really wanted to see in the first place.

    Jordan Reply:

    I think this match is happening because there’s no other way to have these guys on the card. Rock/Cena II was likely a sure thing in WWE’s mind after it drew the highest buyrate in WWE history. Then, why would Taker want to face someone as reckless in the ring as Lesnar at this point in his career? Like you said, who cares? Both guys will likely be gone after Mania.

  2. M.R. says:

    Triple H was already retired, saying he wouldn’t be wrestling again. So to come out of retirement only to be thrown into a retirement match is beyond fucking stupid.

  3. PsychoBlack says:

    I’ve went back and forth with this one a lot. At the end I see HHH taking it setting up a rematch somewhere down the line in the Cell. Both guys can put on a good match and both have been in the cell before so why not have it lead to that with Brock destroying HHH there to blow this thing off.

    Brock needs a face turn BTW he kicks a lot of ass and everyone loves him why is he considered the bad guy?

  4. chris says:

    I think it’s because Vince and co think we still care about Triple H.