Thought of the Day: The Victors Write The History

This came to me the other day when I was thinking about WCW.It’s been about 12 years since WCW went out of business.  In about eight more years, new wrestlers as well as fans aren’t going to have any memories of WCW when it was around.  All they’re going to know is what WWE tells them to remember through DVDs.  As someone who grew up with WCW, that’s a rather saddening thought.


  1. Si says:

    Same with us and the territory system though, that was a totally different time which had alot of good moments and positives which we missed out on

  2. chad says:

    not to mention the hate that wwe spews for WCW with articles on thier website such as the most recent, WCWs most ridiculous moments, its sad that ppl wont get to see the awesome history that the “other team” was able to provide

  3. M.R. says:

    I just worry about the legacy of Sting

  4. andrew says:

    Anyone who does the research into sting will gain a respect for him. Those that don’t it’s their loss.