Extreme Rules 2013 Preview

Dang it’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these.We’ll start with the pre-show match.  There’s almost no way that Miz loses here due to one reason: Cody Rhodes doesn’t win matches.  Seriously that’s all there is to it.

Cena to retain the title, but the feud continues next month.  It’s one of Cena’s signature matches and this should be a good brawl, but Cena keeps the belt.  This feud has been built up pretty horribly as Ryback has stopped doing everything that got him over in the first place.  Yeah he’s a heel now, but we can’t have him run over people as a heel.  That might make him interesting and seem like he’s someone that is a serious threat to Cena.  Lesnar tried that last year and he got stuck in the feud with HHH.

Del Rio over Swagger as we’re not going to see a heel vs. heel title match.  The fact that we’ve seen Del Rio make Swagger tap about five times now doesn’t help either.

The cage match is probably the hardest one to pick.  On one hand, HHH winning makes sense as the hero is supposed to beat the monster in the end.  On the other hand, it’s Brock Lesnar in a cage.  I know HHH has a huge ego, but I don’t think they’re going to let him beat Lesnar in a match like this.  The ads for the show have built it up as winning by escape, which makes me think it’s like Snuka vs. Muraco back in 83: HHH gets destroyed but Lesnar does something stupid and HHH escapes.  That would make Lesnar look stupid and incompetent, so it sounds perfect.

In what sounds like the best match of the night, I’ll flip a coin and say Sheamus beats Henry, only to be destroyed post match.  These two know how to work a hard fought match together and the straps will make things better.  They’re pushing the idea of Henry being strong enough to move anything so there’s already a decent story there.  This is using the old theory of taking two big guys and having them beat on each other for ten minutes.  There’s nothing wrong with that and this should be rather entertaining.

As for Big Show vs. Orton, I’ll take Big Show in a gut instinct.  Orton can lose time after time and keep his crowd reaction, so we can have Big Show win here and set up a rematch later on.  Big Show wins here in another entertaining match.

I think Jericho gets his win back over Fandango here as there’s really nowhere else to go for the feud.  Fandango would be a good candidate to go after the US Title had it not been for Ambrose getting the shot.  Then again Fandango was at the top of his game about four weeks ago when they should have pulled the trigger, but this is WWE so instead they turned a quick mainstream fad into something corporate and killed it faster than a vampire at the beach.  Jericho wins here but Fandango can easily bounce back.

Speaking of the Shield, it’s their night and they all come out with gold here.  Ambrose is seemingly getting the rocket push and the US Title is a great place to start.  As for the tag belts, they’re so far overdue for a change that their engines are about to explode.  Shield should win all three belts, if nothing else to make those titles main event belts.  Shield vs. HELL NO in rematches could easily headline a house show.


Overall, the show looks pretty good other than the top two matches.  This card is very indicative of the problems with WWE in general at the moment: the HHH vs. Lesnar feud is dragging everything else down and Ryback isn’t helping anything either.  It also shows the problem with having gimmick matches to start a feud: there’s no need for Cena vs. Ryback to start a feud with a last man standing match.  That’s the kind of a match that ends a feud, not gets it going.  The rest of the show should be entertaining and fun though, as the talent pool is as deep as it’s been in years in today’s WWE.




  1. Jay H says:

    My Picks are,

    John Cena
    Brock Lesnar
    Alberto Del Rio
    Randy Orton
    Dean Ambrose
    Seth Rollins/Roman Reigns
    Chris Jericho
    The Miz

  2. chris says:

    Wait Ryback is supposed to be a heel? Is there any reason for that aside he beat up Cena? I mean wasn’t he right about how he helped Cena against the shield? However Cena wouldn’t help him?

    Either way Cena is winning.

    Agree on the killing of fandango, You never say your in on the joke. Jericho to win

    Lesnar to win, if Triple H wins he is putting ego before business.

    Del Rio to win, I guess who cares.

    Randy Orton to win.

    Dean Ambrose to win U.S. title, what does Kofi need with the u.s. title?

    Sheamus to win, I’d like Henry to win the yapapi Indianan strap match, But it looks like Henry is just the monster of the month for Sheaumus.

    Shield to win the tag titles. Hell no is long over due to drop the belts.

    Miz to win, sadly Cody doesn’t win matches. He should but he doesn’t.

  3. Jordan says:

    Lesnar/HHH: I have to say HHH here. He just has too big an ego to lose this feud, and honestly, even if Brock wins, who cares? WWE has killed his mystique with this feud.

    Cena/Ryback: The other guy WWE has ruined recently. No way Ryback wins here. He’s been so poorly booked as of late that no one cares about him anyways.

    Del Rio/Swagger: This should be good stuff. They’ve really built up a nice chemistry in the ring together. Del Rio because heel vs heel isn’t gonna happen.

    Sheamus/Henry: This has been pretty entertaining and the strap match should be solid. Im picking Sheamus in a fluke kind of win and Henry destroys him after.

    Orton/Big Show: Oh this is happening too. The show is in Orton’s hometown. Enough said.

    Y2J/Fandango: Y2J because this feud can’t really go anywhere else. Jericho wins and disappears for a few months.

    Shield/Hell No: This is going to be a great match. Hell No has done the best they could have possibly done with the belts considering how dreadful the division is, and now it’s time to give them to Shield.

    Ambrose/Kofi: Everyone knew Kofi was going to be a transitional champion when he won it from Cesaro. It was just a question of who he was going to quickly pass the belt to. It appears Ambrose is that guy and there couldn’t be a better option at this point.

    Extreme Rules should be solid overall, and definitely better than Wrestlemania.

  4. M.R. says:

    It’s funny how they were on the cusp of a new star in Ryback, yet did literally everything possible to destroy it. Now he’s Vladimir Koslov.

  5. Blue Jay-zer(Not Jay wearing a mask to hide his identity) says:

    My picks for the ppv are:

    WWE over TNA

    WWE over TNA

    WWE over TNA

    WWE over TNA