Thought of the Day: Who Said The 80s Were Dead?

The Hogan formula is still alive and well.This string of title defenses for Cena is right out of Hogan’s monster of the month playbook from his big title reign.  Cena has already beaten Ryback and Henry is up next.  neither feud has gotten a ton of TV time and the matches are rarely in doubt, but Cena is the perfect guy to vanquish monsters until he’s ready for a big feud.


  1. Si says:

    Working isn’t the right word, the cena vs ryback feud had no heat has killed rybacks momentum as a potential top guy and on the whole it’s the wcw case of the undercard saving the shows,

    Problem is its the Vince formula so will never change while he’s there,

    M.R. Reply:

    Ryback’s “momentum” has been non-existent long before Cena came along.

  2. chris says:

    I agree it doesn’t draw nearly as well as it would have in the 1980’s.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    House shows
    12 PPVs a year

    Sounds pretty good to live in Cena’s WWE to me.

  3. The Killjoy says:

    It’s been pretty stellar in my eyes. Totally new opponents for PPV’s, simplistic stories, what’s not to like? Oh, right. Apparently, Cena needs to face people he can believably lose to. But I think Thor, Superman and Goku are too busy with other things.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    I’ve said this before: Cena was so over that WWE had to bring in one of the biggest stars ever and the former UFC Heavyweight Champion of the World to give Cena a real challenge.

    chris Reply:

    Of course that doesn’t make any sense. As the company could have him lay down to anyone at anytime.

  4. Jordan says:

    Ryback is pretty lame and Cena carried him to some decent bouts. I imagine Cena/Henry will be awesome stuff considering how good Henry has been the past couple of years.

  5. Si says:

    Cenas only so above the rest because of booking, it’s like the article from ages ago that said Austin lost to people when the odds were so against him etc, cena still wins. A moment that I remember well is cena vs orton I quit, cena is handcuffed dangling from the corner getting best with a kendo stick, he should have passed out so he didn’t quit and orton looks great, but instead orton looks terrible for not winning from that position

    Ryback as a face was on course to be a modern day ultimate warrior to cenas hogan, the eventual clash could have been big, instead they expose all of rybacks weaknesses and no one cares about him anymore

    The Killjoy Reply:

    Ryback’s weakness woul’ve been exposed regardless. His feud with Cena has made us see depth to him beyond just being a muscle guy.

    Rocko Reply:

    Austin lost I think cleanly twice in 1999. So yeah he lost all the time with the odds against him (save for the royal rumble in 1999, but that was incredibly stupid). If Cena lost like everyone else, he would look like everyeone else which is why top guys rarley lose.