ROH Dropping iPPV, Possibly Losing Briscoes

For you ROH fans out there, here’s a rare post about them.As you may have heard, ROH had yet another disaster when they tried to run an internet PPV with almost no one being able to see the feed.  From now on the shows will be available as video on demand the next day.

Also the Briscoe Brothers had a real life fight after the show on Saturday with Mark being sent home and Jay being sent home after the TV tapings.  Jay happens to be the reigning ROH World Champion so this is a major problem for the company.  It’s also pretty stupid considering Jay had a title defense at the tapings and retained the belt.

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  1. The Bearded One says:

    The Jay Briscoe situation makes zero sense. Why wouldn’t they have him drop the belt? Losing the belt to Matt Hardy would have made perfect sense storyline-wise, while whoever beats Hardy for the title would be put over huge. It’s just an all-around horrible situation for ROH.