WWE Posts Second Quarter Financials

There’s a lot of data here.First up is the always important PPV data:

WrestleMania 29 – 1,039,000 buys

Extreme Rules – 231,000 buys

Payback – 186,000 buys

These numbers are all slightly down a bit from last year, but Wrestlemania was more expensive this year and there were more HD buys which make up the difference.  Overall the quarter is down from last year, but there was a fourth PPV in the second quarter last year as well which explains the loss.


Television revenue, another huge money market for the company, was up $5.6 million (17%) from last year due to the extra hour of Raw and Main Event.


Live event/merchandise revenue were up as well.


Digital media (WWE.com) was up 27%.


Even WWE Studios made a profit.


All in all, this is an excellent report for WWE as the company continues to rake in money hand over fist.


  1. chris says:

    Gotta Love The WWE. Nobody does it better.

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