Aces and 8’s vs. Main Event Mafia Hardcore Justice Match Postpines

It’s off until the 22nd, which means it’ll be taped the same night.  Therefore, the Angle situation isn’t an issue, but let’s postpone it due to “circumstances beyond our control” and only let people know on Dixie’s Twitter account.  As of this writing (about 2:45 pm EST) there’s no mention of it on TNA’s website that I can find.


And people wonder why this company earns eye rolls from fans.

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  1. Killjoy says:

    Seems like TNA realized having them go after the Ray/Sabin cage match was stupid and decided to it for the next taping. Smart to spread things out and keep both TV tapings feeling important, incredibly stupid for them to realize it a week away from the tapings.

    Take some notes from AAA about double tapings, TNA.