John Cena Out 4-6 Months

Announced tonight on Raw.  Apparently his elbow is messed up because of a torn tricep.


With Sheamus and Cena both out, the question is who takes their places.  Punk and Bryan would seem to be the top guys on Raw but who moves up on Smackdown?  Ziggler?


  1. The_Reptile_ says:

    Money’s on Cody and Ziggler, personally.

  2. Killjoy says:

    WWE desperately needs time off from Cena. They rely waaaaay too much on him. And of course, Cena just needs a break period. I’m surprised he’s lasted as long as he has without a major injury.

  3. A_M says:

    NO Cena for 4-6 months is not going to show up. We should all stop watching Raw and Smackdown until WWE brings him back.

    Oh wait, that’s not a very smarkky smark comment.

  4. Mystery Man says:

    Some might say to bring back Kurt Angle.