Monday Night Raw – August 19, 2013: Cut The Filler, Get To The Game

Monday Night Raw
Date: August 19, 2013
Location: Honda Center, Anaheim, California
Commentators: Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, John Bradshaw Layfield

A lot has changed since last night. First and foremost, Randy Orton is the new WWE Champion after cashing in on the previous new champion Daniel Bryan. Daniel beat Cena clean with a running knee to the head but HHH turned heel shortly thereafter, hitting Bryan with a Pedigree so Orton could take the title. Things should be very interesting tonight since Cena is going to be taking extended time off for elbow surgery. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of the main events of last night. If you haven’t seen those, go out of your way to check them out as they’re both masterpieces.

Here’s Cena to open things up. He says he’s disgusted by what happened last night at Summerslam but has to stop for a Cena Sucks chant. A few months ago he said the next person to be WWE Champion would earn it and that’s exactly what Daniel Bryan did. Bryan brought out the best in him and reminded Cena that a WWE Superstar should be judged on what he can do in the ring. Two weeks ago WWE medical staff told him he had a torn tricep and the title match last night had to be postponed.

The elbow is not an excuse because he was beaten by the better man in a clean fight last night. Then last night he was in the trainer’s room getting looked at when he heard what HHH and Randy Orton did and he was disgusted. However now that he’s no longer WWE Champion he needs to have elbow surgery and will be gone for four to six months. Before he goes though, he wants to introduce a man who has earned his respect: Daniel Bryan.

Cena leaves and here’s a subdued Bryan to address the crowd. Before he can say anything though, here’s Stephanie McMahon to some horrible new music. She apologizes to Bryan for what happened but says HHH did what’s best for business. The fans chant no and Bryan thinks they disagree with Stephanie. Bryan talks about how HHH used to be a renegade in DX but now he’s gone corporate. He knew HHH would that because when he lays down with trash like Stephanie, you start to stink.

Stephanie says she’ll let that slide so Bryan wants to give her a cheer for it. If Stephanie fires her, he’ll go back to wrestling in armories and selling t-shirts out of his car. Bryan swears revenge and says he’ll give her a reason to fire him. Stephanie says she doesn’t want to fire him but Bryan and the people need to understand that not everyone can be the face of the company. Bryan is 5’8 and maybe 200lbs so he’s not WWE Championship material. Stephanie says that Bryan may not be an A but he’s a solid B+.

Instead of calling her something that starts with a B, Bryan goes on a rant about how he’ll be WWE Champion again. He knocks the mic out of her hand… she just gets another one. Anyway Stephanie says Bryan needs to calm down and she refuses to be intimidated. Security comes down to escort Bryan from the building and blames him for this. Bryan starts a NO chant as he leaves.

Damien Sandow vs. Cody Rhodes

Here’s a free Summerslam rematch with both guys in the ring as we come back from a break. Sandow charges into a knee to start and Cody does the single worst spot call I’ve ever seen, literally leaning over to whisper something in Sandow’s ear before getting backdropped to the apron. Back in and Cody clotheslines him to the floor for a snap suplex. Cody cranks on the arm a bit but gets forearmed to the outside. Rhodes goes up top but gets flipped down for two as we take a break.

Back to the boring match with Sandow putting on a chinlock. The Russian legsweep sets up the Wind-Up elbow for two before taking Cody to the top. Sandow’s belly to back superplex is countered and Cody “hits” a moonsault press but seems to have injured his leg in the process. He’s able to limp through the match but Cross Rhodes is countered into an Edge-O-Matic for two. The Terminus is countered into a Disaster Kick but Sandow rolls to the apron. Back in and Cody hooks a sunset flip out of the corner for the pin at 10:33.

Rating: D+. This got better at the end but the match took way too long to get going. At the end of the day, Sandow’s stock has fallen so far through the floor that a win over him hasn’t meant anything in months. Cody is at least getting a bit stronger but he needs wins over bigger names than Sandow.

GM Brad Maddox shows us some disparaging comments from Ziggler about HHH before announcing Ziggler vs. Shield tonight.

Here’s Heyman with something to say. Punk lost last night which was a lesson in rebellion. Heyman admits that Punk gave Lesnar the worst beating he can ever remember, but Brock still won. Now it’s time to end this family feud because Heyman is a better father to Punk than the man that sired him. Last night Big Brother Brock beat some sense into Punk and now Heyman forgives him. When Punk apologizes to Heyman, he’ll take Punk back and they’re reach new heights. He still loves Punk and is willing to put this behind them. Together, they’re the best in the world and they’ll be so again.

The Bellas and Funkadactyls are catty backstage.

AJ Lee/Layla vs. Funkadactyls

The non-cheerleaders jump the Funkadactyls to start until we get going with Naomi vs. AJ. AJ gets a quick two off a spin kick and chokes a lot. Naomi finally scores with an enziguri to escape but the tag brings in Layla who knocks Cameron to the floor. Using the distraction, Naomi scores a quick rollup for the pin on Layla at 2:22.

We recap the opening segment.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Shield

Ambrose starts for Shield and unsuccessfully tries to drive Dolph into the corner. Rollins comes in and gets in a shot to put Dolph down as the beating begins. Reigns comes in for some shots of his own and the beating begins. Shield takes turns working Ziggler over and there isn’t much to say here.

Ambrose puts on a chinlock but Dolph bites the hand to escape. Ziggler starts a comeback and scores with a dropkick but it’s back to Roman who walks into a dropkick as well. A Fameasser puts Reigns down and a DDT gets two. Ziggler suplexes Rollins to the floor where Seth is clutching his knee. Ziggler loads up the Stinger Splash but jumps into the spear for the pin at 6:07.

Rating: C-. Much like the first match this took awhile to get going but the second half of it was much better. Rollins being hurt could be something horrible though as just Ambrose and Reigns aren’t going to be as effective as just a two man team. They could get the tag belts through the Freebird Rule if nothing else though.

Rollins gets back in while hopping on one leg and there’s the Triple Bomb to lay Ziggler out.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Sin Cara

Del Rio jumps Sin Cara to start but gets armdragged down and out to the floor. A dive takes Alberto out and immediately asks the referee to come over while holding his hand. The referee holds up an X but Alberto throws him back in. The referee pulls Del Rio to the floor and rings the bell at about 55 seconds.

Post match Del Rio talks about being the Latino hero and the world champion. This brings out the returning Ricardo Rodriguez who says Del Rio isn’t a hero. Now he represents someone new: Rob Van Dam. I was expecting Rey but this works too. Rob takes out Del Rio but he rolls to the floor to avoid the Five Star.

Prime Time Players vs. Real Americans

Before the match, Colter goes into a rant about how evil foreigners at Disney Land are. Young starts with Cesaro and takes over with relative ease. Off to Titus who runs over Swagger before getting caught in Cesaro’s gutwrench suplex. Back to Swagger who has less luck but Titus gets caught by some double teaming. The Americans take turns on Titus but Swagger charges into a spinebuster. Hot tag brings in Young vs. Cesaro with Darren taking over. Everything breaks down and the fireman’s carry gutbuster (Gut Check) is good for the pin on Antonio at 4:50.

Rating: D. The match was nothing of note but if it’s Young’s push for coming out of the closet I can’t complain all that much. The Players have been hanging around the tag team scene for months now so it’s not like this is a huge jump up the card for them. They would likely work better as faces anyway.

Big Show says he and Henry are teaming up to go after the tag titles but Maddox interrupts. Apparently Big Show has had some bad things to say about HHH. Therefore tonight it’s Shield vs. Big Show where Shield doesn’t have to tag. Show asks if Brad wants to do that to Shield.

Justin Gabriel, Zack Ryder and a Foot Locker referee plug Foot Locker gear until Fandango and Summer Rae come in to do the same thing.

We look at last night’s main events again.

Ryback torments some other guy in the back by making him pick up his bag over and over. They wind up in the shower and Ryback sprays water into the guy’s bag after slapping him.

Big Show vs. Shield

Show throws Reigns to the floor to start and pounds both guys down with ease. Rollins’ knee seems to be ok. Big Show cleans house and throws the other guys to the floor with Seth holding his knee again. Reigns is speared down by Big Show and Ambrose pulls him to the floor. The numbers finally start catching up with Big Show but he shoves everyone down again.

Seth is thrown to the floor as Ambrose is beaten up. The chokeslam is broken up by Rollins and a dropkick staggers Big Show. Seth’s top rope knee to the head gets two but Show suplexes both of them down at once. Reigns is finally back in and spears Big Show down and the Triple Bomb ends him at 4:34.

Rating: D+. Even at four and a half minutes this felt too long. A lot of the middle part of the match was the same stuff over and over again which made it boring. The interesting thing here is Maddox sending Shield in over and over and potentially ticking them off, meaning they might turn on him. The interesting story makes up for the weaker match.

Here’s Punk with something to say. He talks about having a lot on his mind and yells at a fan for booing him. Punk wants to fight and offers to make the fan toothless right now. Heyman said he can get Punk the WWE Title and in the main event of Wrestlemania for an apology. If that’s what Heyman wants, come out here and get it. Cue Heyman along with Curtis Axel but Punk doesn’t let them say anything.

Punk says he’s sorry for not ripping Heyman’s arm off last night and knocking Heyman’s teeth out. Next time he’s choking Heyman out then waking him up so he can spit him in the face. Punk promises to get revenge and wants to do it right now. Heyman says the apology should come from him so he’s sorry for what Axel is about to do to Punk. He tells Axel to go tape up his hands for a fight because Punk has pushed Heyman too far once too often. If Punk is still in the ring when we get back, Axel is coming to the ring to take Punk apart.

Back from a break with Punk sitting in a chair. Axel comes out and gets beaten down in a non-match. They head to the floor where Axel gets in a few cheap shots but Punk sends him over the time keeper’s area. Punk goes after Heyman but stops to dive at Axel and hit him in the rips with the ring bell.

They head back inside and Punk goes for the GTS, only to have Curtis escape and go after the leg. Axel works on the leg a bit before hitting his finisher to lay Punk out. Curtis tries to Pillmanize the leg but Punk moves away and destroys Axel with the chair. A GTS onto the steps knocks Curtis out cold and Punk stares at Heyman.

R-Truth vs. Bray Wyatt

Truth charges at him but gets sent into the corner. Wyatt gets caught by Truth’s drop down into a side kick sequence but a Harper distraction lets Bray hit the cross body to take over. The corner splash sets up Sister Abigail for the pin at 2:35.

We get a vignette on bullfighters coming to WWE. It’s Primo and Epico in a new gimmick.

3MB vs. Usos

It’s Slater and Mahal tonight with Jey vs. Slater to start. Jey takes over on Slater before bringing on Jimmy to keep up the pace. Mahal gets in a cheap shot from the apron to take over before hooking a chinlock on Jimmy. Slater comes in again and pounds away as this match just keeps going. Jimmy finally gets in a shot to make the tag to Jey. Mahal comes in as well as everything breaks down. Jey dives through the ropes to take out the other Band members but tags in Jimmy at the same time. The Superfly Splash ends Mahal at 5:35.

Rating: D. Again just too long here. This show is full of filler matches and it’s getting tiresome. The injuries are starting to mount up for WWE and the results are matches like this. It didn’t have anything behind it and just filled in about seven minutes because there’s nothing else to put there. The solution? Make Smackdown three hours of course.

The Miz vs. Wade Barrett

Speaking of filler, there’s this match. Barrett hooks a quick headlock but gets caught in a flapjack. Miz hits the running clothesline in the corner but misses the ax handle. A big boot gets two on Miz and another big boot sends Miz to the outside. We hit the chinlock back inside before Miz comes back with a sunset flip for two.

Back to the chinlock as the fans cheer for Barrett. Miz comes back with a forearm to the head and a clothesline to send Barrett to the corner. He kicks Barrett in the leg and adds a running dropkick but Barrett kicks away the Figure Four attempt. Miz tries another sunset flip but hooks the Figure Four….only to have Fandango come in off the top with the legdrop for the DQ at 4:45.

Rating: D+. At least there’s a story to the ending of this one. Miz still doesn’t work as a face and the Figure Four is a big reason for that. It’s not that he’s even bad at it anymore but the move just doesn’t fit him at all. He got to the WWE Title and won in the main event of Wrestlemania with the other move so he switches it up? Seriously?

Maddox tells Stephanie that Daniel Bryan is back in the building. She says thank you and goes into Vince’s office.

Back from a break with Vince and Stephanie in the ring and HHH coming to the ring with the roster on the stage. Shield is standing guard at ringside. Vince praises HHH for doing the right thing and says he finally saw the light. HHH says it’s time for his explanation. He didn’t throw away the future, but rather he did it to save the future. HHH did it for the people on the stage, for Vince’s father and grandfather, for his father in law, for his wife, for his kids and for the people in the audience.

HHH didn’t do it to screw Daniel Bryan. In fact he’s a big fan of Bryan, who is a great little technician. Bryan had a great match last night and won the title, but he can’t be the WWE Champion or the face of the company. Last night HHH made sure the people didn’t have to settle for a B when they can have an A+. Bryan has a personal issue but what about HHH’s personal problems? He didn’t like having to bury Bryan’s fifteen years of experience and calls Bryan selfish for having a problem with this.

Bryan needs to check his ego at the door like HHH does every week when he goes to work. The fans chant for Bryan but HHH brings out Orton as the ultimate show of burying his personal problems. Orton comes out to hug Stephanie because time heals all borderline rapes in WWE. Orton thanks HHH for causing this and demands that the fans appreciate the Game. HHH takes the mic back and asks Bryan to come out here and get it all out at once. Shield is excused so Bryan will actually come out. HHH starts a YES chant and asks Bryan to come out with his music playing.

Bryan comes out from the side of the stage and Shield immediately jumps him. He fights them off for a bit but Reigns spears him down. They load up the Triple Bomb but HHH calls them off and says Bryan gets to say what he wants. He finally gets in the ring but walks into an RKO to put him down. The new Corporation stands tall to close the show.

Overall Rating: C+. This was a good show for the storyline stuff but the show itself was a BIG drag. As usual, if you cut an hour out of this it’s a great show but with the extra stuff in there it’s just too much. Cena leaving is a very interesting story, but I’m afraid it might set him up as the savior in a few months. I like the heel super stable as they have a TON of power and it seemingly came out of nowhere. Good show here but it’s mainly for the opening and closing segments.


Cody Rhodes b. Damien Sandow – Sunset Flip

Funkadactyls b. AJ Lee/Layla – Rollup to Layla

Shield b. Dolph Ziggler – Spear

Alberto Del Rio b. Sin Cara via referee stoppage

Prime Time Players b. Real Americans – Gut Check to Cesaro

Shield b. Big Show – Triple Bomb

Bray Wyatt b. R-Truth – Sister Abigail

Usos b. 3MB – Superfly Splash to Mahal

The Miz b. Wade Barrett via DQ when Fandango interfered

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  1. Reid says:

    HHH mentioned during Evolution’s formation that he’s the coal that’ll make the diamond. Cut to this episode where he brings up that line again. Nice touch there.

  2. Jay H says:

    I am interested to see where things go from here with HHH/Mcmahons/Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan and whoever else might join in eventually.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    ….am I really the only person who sees the people that are going to stand up to the new Corporation? Why do people sound unsure who’s coming to help Bryan?

    M.R. Reply:

    Even I don’t know..who?

    klunderbunker Reply:

    The people that were beaten down by Shield, made disparaging remarks about the new administration, and the guys who said they’re going for the tag titles.

    M.R. Reply:

    Oh, I missed the disparaging remarks. These past few weeks I’ve been watching by way of DVR, fastforwarding the nonsense.

    Killjoy Reply:

    This is pretty much a re-tell of Mankind and The Rock from all the way back at Survivor Series 1998. Austin/Cena out of the picture. McMahon/HHH make Mankind/Bryan think he’s backing him and the turns revealing The Rock/Orton as their real Corporate Champion.

  3. M.R. says:

    Triple H is MUCH more natural as a heel, always has been,

  4. M.R. says:

    Also, what was with that Ryback segment? Fucking dreadful.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    It’s setting up what should be a big feud. I’m just not sure against who.

    M.R. Reply:

    Doesn’t make up for a terrible segment.

    Killjoy Reply:

    You sure it’s not WWE blatantly knocking off Bully Ray?

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Oh it definitely is, even down to the vest and what I believe were shorts.

  5. M.R. says:

    So that’s what we’ve decided to regulate Ryback to?

  6. WAR says:

    I miss Not M.R.