John Cena Tops 2013 PWI List

The best is ranked #1.  I’m as shocked as you are.  Here’s the rest of the top 10.1. John Cena
2. CM Punk
3. Hiroshi Tanahashi
4. Bully Ray
5. Kazuchika Okada
6. Sheamus
7. Jeff Hardy
8. Alberto Del Rio
9. Dolph Ziggler
10. Kevin Steen


The awards cover the period from I believe July of 2012 to June of 2013 or something close to that.


  1. LSN says:

    Have you seen anything of Tanahashi, KB? I know Okada and think he’s rightly placed, but Tanahashi is…..meh to me. He had a short run in TNA in the late 2000’s I believe, and he didn’t impress me at all.

    Is Bryan a glaring omission here, or with this being through June 2013, is that about right?

    Cena’s deserving at #1. Won the Rumble, won the WWE Title in the main event of Wrestlemania, and held it at “press time.” Hard to do much better than that.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    I’ve seen some Tanahashi stuff but I have the same reaction I have to 99% of puro: eh. I know he’s talented but I can’t get into it.

    Yeah Bryan is because of the time frame. Last year he was a main event jobber and then in HELL NO for about six months. His white hot streak didn’t start until June or so.

  2. The Misson says:

    A pretty spot on list this year. John Cena and Punk definitely deserve the 1 and 2 spots. Takahashi is perfect at 3 since he held the IWGP title for almost a full year (June-April). The list just makes perfect sense to me in a kayfabe perspective