Night of Champions 2013 Preview

It’s time for the first PPV after the big angle started and things aren’t really looking all that promising.  The show just doesn’t have the big event feel that it should.  The card is pretty weak but it isn’t entirely without promise.  Let’s get to it.As usual we’ll stat with the pre-show match: tag team turmoil for a shot at the Shield for the belts later in the night.  I’ll go with the Prime Time Players to get the shot as they’ve been pushed pretty strong lately.  The Real Americans and 3MB aren’t getting a title shot and no one would care about Tons of Funk.  The only other option would be the Usos but I can’t see them getting a chance after losing so many times.  The Players won’t win the belts, but it has potential to be a decent match.


On to the two main events, starting with the title match.  I know it’s up in the air, but I can’t picture Bryan winning the title back, not yet at least.  This feels like it ends either in someone like Big Show turning heel or a DQ with Bryan getting the win.  It’s still too early for the title change though and Orton walks out with the gold.


Punk vs. Heyman/Axel is an interesting match.  Heyman has made it so clear that if Punk gets his hands on him, Heyman is gone.  For weeks now this match has felt like we’re waiting on Heyman to bring in someone else for Punk to feud with until Lesnar has some dates opened up but unless Ryback decides he’s a Heyman Guy, I don’t think we’re going to see anything but Axel.  I think Curtis gets eliminated but Punk doesn’t get his hands on Heyman for some reason, setting up the ultimate revenge inside the Cell in some form next month.


It’s probably a bad hunch but I think Del Rio walks out with the gold tomorrow night.  RVD is back in WWE to put people over and I think he does it for Alberto tomorrow night.  The interesting thing is who takes the title from Del Rio eventually, but I don’t think it’s Van Dam.


Unfortunately Brie Bella wins the Divas Title because being an evil woman on a badly scripted reality show is all you need to become a wrestling champion anymore.


My random hunch sure to go wrong; Ziggler takes the US Title.


Overall the show doesn’t look very good.  It comes off like a filler show and that’s not a good thing most of the time.  The main event feels like it’s a tool for setting up another match down the line.  The other problem is we have a two match show, but I don’t know how many people are interested in the second main event.  They’re definitely not going to get any help from the Smackdown title but it’s been that way for years.  The show should be ok and odds are they’ll add a Miz vs. Fandango match to pad out the card, but there’s just not enough here to make me want to see the show.




  1. Killjoy says:

    It seems very well built to me. But that’s probably because of how hard the main event matches had been pushed. Personally, I hope Van Dam wins the title. Del Rio has been fucked beyond repair with his win/loss record right now. Plus the show is in Detroit. It would be a very nice moment and a feather in his cap. Even if he drops the belt the next day.

  2. wwefan2013 says:

    Uh it’s this week? Wow

  3. M.R. says:

    Nothing about this show really tickles my fancy. I’d rather watch Hawks/Niners.

  4. Jay H says:

    I think Daniel Bryan wins by DQ or some kind of dusty finish ala Rock Bottom 1998. I am hoping RVD wins the World Heavyweight Title because Del Rio needs a break. I am going with CM Punk in the Handicap Match,Im not sure how the Feud could continue past tonight. I also like Dean Ambrose,AJ to retain,and the PTP to win the Tag Titles.