Thought of the Day: Just Win Baby

As much as it hurts me to quote the Raiders.I’ve been watching Nitro and Thunder from 1998 lately and one of the major stories has been the rise of Booker T.  He’s gone from being a tag team mainstay to the TV Champion, defending his title at least once and often twice a week.  Every week he gets more and more popular with his matches getting better and better.  There’s a very simple explanation for why he’s getting over: he’s winning.  There’s no trick gimmick to it, there’s no secret surprise, there’s no way to trap the audience.  The fans simply respond to a guy who wins his matches.  In other words, WCW wasn’t cutting Booker’s legs off in case he got hot when the company didn’t want him to but rather embraced it.  Imagine that concept.

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