WWE’s Top 20 Crowd Reactions

This is one of the best lists WWE has ever put together.  #1 still gives me chills.




They’re missing a huge one though:



The place erupted on that pin. Still though, excellent list and if anything else had been #1 it would have failed. You can barely hear the announcement of a new champion.


  1. chad says:

    i also think this one should have made top 20 as well, the crod goes wild here:

  2. M.R. says:

    Before I click play, I’ll just say Backlash 2000 better be on this list.

  3. M.R. says:

    Nope. Perhaps they didn’t want to flood the list with Austin pops.

    Since when are they able to use the WWF logo?

    Rocko Reply:

    Around a year or so. They are allowed to use it now (though sometimes they keep the edited blurs for no reason).

    deanerandterry Reply:

    Isn’t #11 Backlash 2000 except they showed The Rock winning the title not the Austin Part?

    M.R. Reply:

    Not sure, Rock and H fought so many times it’s hard to tell. But if that’s the case it’s pretty silly. The Austin pop was MUCH louder than Rock getting the pin.