Thought of the Day: Vickie Guerrero, Emma and Dancing

Something else NXT is better than the main show at doing.If you watch NXT, you know that there’s a character named Emma who likes to do a silly dance and have fun.  At the same time, Vickie Guerrero has been known to dance once or twice on TV.  Now here’s the difference.


When Emma dances, she knows it’s silly but she’s a likeable character and the fans have fun with her.

When Vickie dances, the fans are laughing at her and she’s humiliated, usually making the segment uncomfortable for the fans to sit through.  Either that or it drags on way too long and gets stupid.


The idea is this: it’s ok to have a character who we laugh with instead of at once in awhile.  Not everything has to be all serious all the time.

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