John Cena and the World Heavyweight Championship

The common theory I keep seeing is that Cena wins the title, thereby setting up a unification match down the line.  As usual, people are over thinking this.This isn’t to set up a unification match.  It’s a match and story to give Cena something to do that isn’t related to the main story.  If Cena enters that story, he takes the entire thing over and destroys all of the work put into Bryan.  You put Cena in the World Title feud and keep him away from everything else and everyone benefits.  The WHC gets a big boost, Del Rio gets a rub, Cena has something to do, Bryan and Orton and company don’t get overshadowed.

But no, it’s not likely building up to a unification match, at least not soon.


  1. WWEFan2013 says:

    I agree, I think it’s a two birds one stone kinda thing. People say the World Title is losing credibility fast since the likes of ADR, Swagger, Bryan (2012 Bryan), Ziggler have won the title. Who better than Cena to boost it back up? Then it also does what you said and leaves Cena out of Bryan’s thing.

    I guess you can say it does 3 things because it also does leave a unification match open.

  2. Heyo says:

    I find this post so ironic, because a unification match is exactly what happened, Cena got in the main event spot again, and Bryan was in the midcard scene until the fan rioting forced them to push Bryan again.