Raw Rating

It’s still not a good sign.Raw got a 2.71, down from last week.  Monday Night Football last night was a horrible matchup, meaning it shouldn’t have been much competition for WWE.  The numbers have been down since the start of both the Bryan push as well as the new regime storyline.  Bryan isn’t the main focus but he’s still a big deal on the show.  These ratings aren’t a good sign for his long term future as a top guy though.


  1. Christian Sharp says:

    Actually give Bryan the belt, let’s see how Raw does by then.

    He’s been getting screwed out of having the title for more than a day, and that belt just needs to be given to someone already.

  2. deanerandterry says:

    The ratings weren’t any better this time last year. In fact Raw never broke 3.0 once in the last quarter of 2012 (Sept-Dec).

    The years before it though were almost always over a 3.0 during that time and considering Cena wasn’t really healthy this time last year either (and Punk was champ) it shows who the top guy really is.

    I don’t think its either guys fault to be honest but there’s no denying the fact that when Cena is healthy ratings are up by a good half point at least.

  3. WWEFan2013 says:

    Even worse the numbers went down every hour. Think it’s one of few very rare times were hour 1 drew more than 2 and 3.

  4. Rocko says:

    Is this a trend caused by one bad hour or is it constant through the three hours? Anyways I always DVR this because there has to be filler stuff with three hours and I’m not sitting through the whole thing.