A Story So Strange You Can’t Make It Up

About Ric Flair.According to PWInsider, Ric Flair is now back to taking bookings and living with former WCW wrestler……


wait for it……




Does that name ring a bell to you?  I’d be surprised if it did, as Gomez was a jobber to the stars at best.  He feuded with Steve McMichael for about a month and then formed a jobbing tag team with Renegade.  If there has ever been a more bizarre pairing I’ve never seen it.


  1. Reid says:

    Flair’s actually one of my brother’s costumers (He works at Verizon down in Charlotte). He always shows up at the store with a black eye, hungover, and yells at him about his plan and his phone crapping out on him. There was this one time where his phone crapped out before he had some $40,000 business meeting to go to. He bitches at them for taking so long and how he was in a hurry. After he left, the guy, who was standing in line behind him, tells my brother, “Dude, he’s so full of shit. He’s just filing his divorce papers.”

    Fun fact about Flair: Before he moved in with Gomez, he was banned from the restaurant downstairs from his apartment.

  2. Killjoy says:

    He’d make a killing with a sitcom.