Thought of the Day: Samoa Joe Lives On His Reputation

This came from a discussion on WrestleZone and me watching the latest One Night Only show.Samoa Joe might be the most overrated guy in TNA at the moment.  Think about this for a minute.


Joe owned the world in 06/07, didn’t win the world title until WAY after his peak and had a forgettable world title reign in the summer of 2008.  What of note has he done since then?  Here are his accomplishments since losing the world title at Bound For Glory 2008, or roughly five years ago:


X-Division Title (50 days)

Tag Titles (91 days)

Television Title (70 days)


Joe also won the Maximum Impact tournament, which was held entirely on Xplosion and was for a world title shot also on Xplosion.  Oh and he won the Deuces Wild tag tournament with Magnus.


On the other hand, here’s another set of accomplishments in roughly the last three years:

Television Title (126 days)

X-Division Title (30 days)

Tag Titles (14 days)


These numbers belong to Robbie E.  Robbie E., the epitome of the comedy jobber, has numbers comparable to Samoa Joe over the last three years, and very easily could surpass him if this tag title reign lasts awhile.  Think about that for a minute.  Robbie E. > Samoa Joe in success.



What has Joe done lately to keep him at the elite level in TNA?  From what I can tell, very little.


  1. james gracie says:

    When Joe first came to TNA he was on fire and I remember telling people this is gonna be the guy that get’s people interested in TNA kind of like Austin did for the WWF in 1997(never thought he’d be as big as Austin but same idea) And I agree, they waited too long to put the title on him. That’s why I still think they made the right choice with Aries winning the title when he did. Aries was on fire at that time and hasn’t been as hot since. It made Aries a main eventer for life(at least in TNA)

    M.R. Reply:

    If Aries is one of your company’s main eventers, your company is in trouble.

    james gracie Reply:

    I hope the surgery to remove the stick from your ass went well today

    M.R. Reply:

    You’re right, how dare I disparage the great Austin Aries!