Articles from December 2013

On This Day: December 31, 2001 – Monday Night Raw: Closing Out The Year In Style

Monday Night Raw Date: December 31, 2001 Hosts: Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole There’s not much to say here because it’s a Best Of Show. I don’t know if this includes matches from Smackdown or not, but to the best of my knowledge there’s nothing new on here. Therefore I’ll be cutting and pasting anything from […]

On This Day: December 30, 2011 – Smackdown: Orton Takes A Little Trip

Smackdown Date: December 30, 2011 Location: Conseco Fieldhouse, Indianapolis, Indiana Commentators: Michael Cole, Josh Matthews, Booker T It’s the final show of the year and we close things out with the Blue Guys. As long as it’s not Blue Meanie I’m cool with that. Anyway tonight we should get some advancement in the three way […]

2013 Awards: Wrestler of the Year

A quick one to close us out.

On This Day: December 29, 1991 – New York City House Show: Hogan vs. Flair

WWF House Show Date: December 29, 1991 Location: Madison Square Garden Attendance: 11,000 Commentators: Gorilla Monsoon, Bobby Heenan Just a random house show that I found so I figured I’d throw it on here. This is from 24/7 so it might be cut. An hour and 48 minutes for a house show seems rather short. […]

On This Day: December 28, 1997 – Starrcade 1997: How To Kill An Empire In Three Hours

Starrcade 1997 Date: December 28, 1997 Location: MCI Center, Washington, D.C. Attendance: 17,500 Commentators: Eric Bischoff, Dusty Rhodes, Mike Tenay   Tonight is WCW’s night. After a year and a half of being dominated by the NWO, tonight is the night that WCW stands up and says this is our company and you’re not taking […]

Monday Night Raw – December 30, 2013: Daniel Bryan…..Says Yes?

Monday Night Raw Date: December 30, 2013 Location: Richmond Coliseum, Richmond, Virginia Commentators: Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, John Bradshaw Layfield It’s the final show of the year tonight and the main story is that a large portion of the roster is at a house show in Toronto. There’s no Cena, Orton, Wyatts, Big Show or […]

2013 Awards: Match of the Year

There were some great matches in 2013 and several of them were available for free.

WWE Stars Go Bowling

I think the title speaks for itself.

TNA – The Best of the Asylum Years: When Jeff Jarrett Wouldn’t Go Away And AJ Styles Ruled The World

TNA: Best of the Asylum Years Location: TNA Asylum, Nashville, Tennessee Commentators: Mike Tenay, Don West, Ed Ferrara This is actually my first DVD review. TNA has put out a lot of DVDs on their Youtube page for kind of a preview weekend deal and this was voted as the one I should review. If […]

2013 Awards: Surprise of the Year

Another one with more options than I was expecting.