CM Punk, Shield and Cena

This contains spoilers for the Punk vs. Shield match.Punk just beat Shield by pin, 3-1.

Now when Cena beat two of them and a third by DQ, fans were nearly rioting. Why do I have a feeling this is going to result in the complete opposite?

It’s not completely different.  It was Punk pinning Shield in a handicap match with no help.  It was even harder for Punk as the Cena match in question was an elimination tag.  But hey, Cena sucks and Punk is AMAZING right?


  1. dinsdale piranha says:

    Now your getting it:)

  2. M.R. says:

    Actually, Punk’s desperately overrated.

    dinsdale piranha Reply:

    Really? I find him quite entertaining.

  3. M.R. Imperfect says:

    Go fuk a duck M.R. Your comments are baseless. Are you Not Jay in disguise

  4. M.R. says:

    Was there some sort of Shield implosion that led to the finish? Or atleast a hinting towards it? And who took the pin?

    Ted Reply:

    Ambrose took the pin. It was because Amborse accidentally took a spear.

    Also M.R. Imperfect A little harsh don’t you think? I don’t always agree with M.R. either, but it is only an opinion.