Thought of the Day: That’s Not Fair

Based on the stats breakdown I get for the site, these are the most popular thing I have other than live reviews so I’ll try to do these more often.

This is one I’ve thought about before but it’s really true when you look at the state of wrestling around Wrestlemania time.

It’s not fair to compare any organization to WWE.  Really, it isn’t.  WWE has been around far longer than any other mainstream organization, has the name recognition, the talent, the skill, the technique and I could go on and on.  It’s not fair to say that TNA isn’t living up to the WWE standards in the same way it’s not fair to compare a high school athlete to a pro athlete.  No, TNA isn’t reaching the same audience that WWE is reaching, but no one is and no one will, possibly ever.  It’s like comparing anyone in wrestling today to John Cena.  They might be some of the most accomplished people today, but they’re just not on that level, no matter how you look at it.


To clarify: that’s not a knock on TNA or any single performer other than Cena.  It’s simply not a fair comparison to make and to put a juggernaut up against a normal product, even if they’re second best, can’t realistically be done.


  1. Someone says:

    I read an article on wrestlezone talking about TNA saying it is bigger outside of the U.S. then WWE. Given this thought of the day what’s your take on this ? I know it was coming from a TNA employee so I take it with a grain of salt.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    It very well might be true. The money is in America though. Also I’d like to know the countries where TNA is bigger. Something tells me there’s a lot more to it than what they’re saying.

    Rocko Reply:

    They based it on TNA tv ratings vs WWE tv ratings in some oversea place.

    But it’s not a fair comparison based on the time they were on and another reason I can’t remember.

    Mouldylocks Reply:

    I know the UK is one of them, but it’s not exactly the fairest statistic.

    If you want to watch Raw in the UK you have to be paying for a subscription to cable and ‘sky sports’ (an add on) AND THEN you have to be awake at 1-4 or 12-3 depending on daylight saving time.

    TNA on the other hand is either saturday or sunday night at 8pm on a channel that is free for near enough everyone

  2. dinsdale piranha says:

    Company wise no one can touch the levels of success the WWE.

    As far as comparing wrestlers, well that comes down to opinion.

    Someone Reply:

    Money wise it goes to WWE, TNA does have a pretty good roster for a small company they just need to come up with fresh ideas. That being said I know everyone says TNA is rehashing or just ripping off other companies, but there’s not really a whole lot left for them to do… Unless the introduce new people the way WWE does ( Wyatts & Shield ) but not taking wrestler we know and throwing them in a group ( A&8 & Mafia are prime examples ). TNA had a good idea in the gutcheck concept but doing that you get more chances of the issue where people where chanting “Husky” at Brave because people knew who it was but that only lasted a short time.