Monday Night Raw – January 6, 2014: Out With The Old, In With The Really Old

Monday Night Raw
Date: January 6, 2014
Location: Baltimore Arena, Baltimore, Maryland
Commentators: Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield

It’s a special show tonight as Raw goes Old School. This has been a very entertaining show in the past but you never can tell what they’re going to be anymore. WWE can be so hit or miss with their nostalgia shows so it could go in any of several directions. The main storyline coming into tonight is Daniel Bryan debuting as part of the Wyatt Family after giving in and joining the group last night. Let’s get to it.

There’s some distressing breaking news coming into the show: Jerry Lawler was sent to the hospital with chest pains. It appears that he’s ok but he won’t be doing commentary tonight.

The set is made of the big red RAW letters, we have the blue posts and steps, the old graphics and the gray metal barricade.

Here’s Ric Flair to open the show. He says his catchphrases and promises to style and profile tonight but is interrupted by Randy Orton. The champion says he has nothing but respect for Flair for giving him his big break but tonight is all about Orton. Randy is sure Flair sees him as the biggest star of all time but he asks Ric to step aside because Orton has something to get off his chest.

Orton talks about Stephanie making the rematch with Cena last week and is upset that he wasn’t consulted about this. Since when did the business start making decisions based on what the fans wanted? Flair thinks Orton isn’t the man but rather just crying over having to wrestle a rematch. Back in Flair’s day the champion would wrestle seven nights a week because that’s what a champion does.

Randy says Flair always had someone watching his back all those years, which is why he’s the most overrated star in history. Ric doesn’t leave because Orton is going to listen to what he has to say. Orton needs to be a man instead of the coward he’s been since he got to the WWE. The champ is about to go off but here’s Cena to hug Flair. Cena says Orton sinks to a new low every time he opens his mouth by blaming his problems on Ric Flair. This is Ric Flair, a 16 time world champion, meaning Orton isn’t even in his league. If Orton wants to fight Cena is ready right now but Randy bails to the floor.

Cole and JBL give us an update on Lawler, saying his heart is fine. You can get updates on his health on the WWE App. Seriously?

We recap Daniel Bryan and the Wyatts last week.

Here are the Wyatts with Daniel for the first time. Bray holds up the lantern and Bryan stares him down in the dark, wearing blue coveralls ala Rowan. His face looks very defeated but stoic for lack of better terms.

Wyatt Family vs. Usos/Rey Mysterious

The referee has the old blue shirt and bowtie. Harper runs into a kick to the ribs from Jey to start but takes him down with a shoulder block. Bryan gets a tag for the first time to face Mysterio who says this isn’t the real Daniel. Bryan hits a hard forearm and knees to Rey’s ribs to take over. Rey counters a rollup attempt and sends Daniel to the floor as we take a break.

Back with Jey fighting back on Rowan but walking into a fallaway slam. The WWE App shows us Mysterio hitting his sliding splash and the stereo Uso dives because why would we air those on the broadcast? Bryan comes back in for some hard kicks to Jey before tagging out to Erick. Jey avoids a charge in the corner and hits a sweet superkick to take the monster down. Hot tag brings in Mysterio for a seated senton and the 619 but Jimmy misses the Superfly Splash. Bryan tags himself in but Harper does the same with a glare to Daniel. Luke knocks Rey off the apron…and gets rolled up by Jimmy for the pin at 8:37.

Rating: D+. This was for the storyline instead of the match and that’s fine in this case. In theory Bryan will be subjected to further brainwashing and reprimands for not having the right chemistry. I’m glad the usos have found a niche for themselves in matches like these and they fit the roles perfectly.

Batista will be in the Rumble.

Due to bad refereeing last week in the Khali vs. Sandow match, we’re getting a rematch with the fans picking a guest referee: Arn Anderson, Bob Backlund or Sgt. Slaughter. The legends leave and Kane comes in for a LONG speech basically threatening Maddox to stop badmouthing him or the monster will return.

Big E. Langston walks through the back and sees Nikolai Volkoff singing the Russian national anthem, Ted DiBiase laughing and IRS telling him to pay his taxes. There are your pointless cameos for the hour.

Big E. Langston vs. Curtis Axel

Ryback is on commentary. Non-title in case you didn’t get enough of the domination on Smackdown. Langston starts with some quick backbreakers but misses a charge into the post. Cole asks Ryback where the name Rybaxel came from because he’s that much of a dolt. Axel armdrags and dropkicks Langston before sending him to the floor. Back in and Big E. shrugs everything off and finishes Axel with the Big Ending at 2:45. This was nothing.

It’s time for Piper’s Pit. Piper doesn’t get to say much before his guests, the Shield, gets to interrupt. Ambrose: “Who gave this old man a live microphone?” Dean says it’s a good thing they weren’t around when Piper was in his prime or he wouldn’t have made it to 112 years old. Piper says he took the mic because he wanted it and says this is Piper’s Pit rather than Ambrose’s Alley. Piper may have taken a few hits to the head but there’s only one man that can match him on the microphone: CM Punk.

Ambrose gets in Piper’s face again but Rollins interrupts. Seth says he appreciates what Hot Rod is trying to do but it’s not 1985 anymore. Piper is just jealous because Ambrose is a better US Champion than Piper ever was. Roddy says he knows three things for sure: Rollins can’t beat Punk one on one, Ambrose can’t beat Punk one on one, but if Reigns can beat Punk tonight, doesn’t that make him better than his teammates?

Aren’t Ambrose and Rollins holding Reigns back? We get a REIGNS chant before Roman says he’ll beat Punk tonight and gets in Piper’s face. Shield surrounds Piper but Punk and the New Age Outlaws of all people come out for the save. Shield bails and Ambrose leaves the US Title behind so Piper puts it on his shoulder.

We recap Lesnar returning and throwing Mark Henry around like a paper doll last week.

Sin Cara vs. Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio starts aggressively but gets caught in a quick crucifix for one. A few more rollups get two for Cara but Del Rio comes back with a stomp in the corner to take over. The announcers are too busy bragging about Raw airing in Japan tonight as Del Rio puts on a chinlock. Back up and Cara’s tornado DDT is countered but the Tajiri Elbow gets one. Cara goes to the apron and hits the enziguri but misses the Swanton, allowing Del Rio to hit the low superkick for the pin at 2:24.

Post match Del Rio says he’s tired of hearing about Batista so he’s going to throw him out of the Rumble.

In the back, Daniel tells the Wyatts that he came to the Family to try to learn. He was a tag team champion with guy a guy the size of Rowan and Harper and wants to contribute. He offers to team with either Harper or Rowan next week but instead will get to team with Bray himself.

Cody Rhodes/Goldust vs. Real Americans

Goldust and Swagger get us going with Goldie doing the big deep breath. An atomic drop sends Swagger over to the corner for a tag to Cesaro who gets caught in a double front suplex for one. Cody skins the cat to come back in with a right hand before it’s time to work on the arm. Cesaro takes Goldust down to switch momentum before bringing in Swagger for a double back elbow. Back to Cesaro for the standing chinlock but Goldust bring in Cody with the springboard missile dropkick for two.

The sunset flip out of the corner gets two on Antonio but Cody has to take Swagger down with a Disaster Kick, allowing Cesaro to get in a cheap shot as we take a break. Back with the Real Americans still in control, though apparently the Cesaro Swing was shown on the WWE App. Great to know that we have to sit through a match without big spots so WWE can get people to download their latest project.

Cody backdrops Swagger to the floor but Antonio knocks Goldust to the floor. Rhodes gets to the corner but there’s no one to tag, allowing Swagger to counter the disaster Kick into the Patriot Lock. Goldust FINALLY comes back in for the save and gets the hot tag to clean house. A spinning cross body takes Swagger down and Cesaro is low bridged to the floor, allowing Goldust to hit the Final Cut for the pin at 11:40.

Rating: C. The match was decent enough but I’m not sure where they’re going to find good challengers to take out Goldust and Cody. The problem is the champions have taken out every team so far but thankfully they’ve had good matches nearly every time. It’s a very entertaining runs but I’m not sure where they can go to eventually move the belts.

Booker T runs into Diamond Dallas Page in the back and we plug Page’s yoga program. The payoff is Ron Simmons for his signature catchphrase.

Damien Sandow vs. Great Khali

The guest referee is Sgt. Slaughter with 55% of the vote. Khali has Runjin Singh back with him tonight. No word on if Sandow quits if he loses here. Khali stomps away in the corner and hits some loud chops but Damien runs away from the big one to the head. Now it’s Damien stomping in the corner but runs into a big boot. The huge chop is enough to pin Sandow at 1:25, even though Sandow’s foot was on the ropes before one.

Damien yells and gets put in the Cobra Clutch post match. Slaughter dances with Khali and Singh in a goofy moment.

Here are Lesnar and Heyman with something to say. Heyman talks about how Lesnar doesn’t like the concept of Old School Raw. Old School Raw isn’t having a bunch of legends come out for one last hurrah and then leave after doing nothing. Brock wants Old School to mean the champion coming out here and standing supreme while everyone came out to challenge him. That’s what people like Bruno Sammartino, Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin did in their prime, and that’s how it should be today since there’s only one world champion.

After the Royal Rumble there will only be one man and it doesn’t matter if it’s John Cena or Randy Orton. You can put the date on the back of their neck because their time as champion is short. Brock Lesnar is coming for either one of them because he’s the best athlete in the world today. There is no one in wrestling, MMA or any professional sport that can compare to Lesnar and last week was proof of that.

The World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry, an Olympian, came at Lesnar with no warning and Brock destroyed him with ease. Heyman reads Brock’s new catchphrase off his shirt: Eat, sleep, conquer, repeat, over and over until Mark Henry comes out for the showdown. Mark is wincing but gets in some right hands to Brock. Lesnar shrugs them off and puts on the kimura to break Henry’s arm.

Brock goes to leave but Big Show comes out for a staredown. Lesnar slowly backpedals towards the ring and tells Big Show to bring it. Big Show is all serious here as he gets up to the apron. Brock is all bring it on but runs to the floor instead of having the showdown like a good heel is supposed to. Heyman offers a distraction and Lesnar gets in, only to be LAUNCHED across the ring and out to the floor.

We recap the opening segment.

Bella Twins vs. Aksana/Alicia Fox

Nikki works on an armbar on Fox to start before sending her to the apron with a backbreaker. Fox flips out of something resembling a snapmare before getting sent to the floor with a monkey flip. Nikki is sent to the floor and comes up holding her shin, only to have Alicia start working on it. My goodness it’s psychology in a Divas match. Aksana comes in to stay on the leg until Nikki fights up for a tag to Brie. House is cleaned but Brie misses her middle rope dropkick, giving Aksana the pin at 4:00.

Rating: D. The girls all look good in their outfits. I think you can figure out my thoughts on the match on your own.

3MB vs. Too Cool/Rikishi

This is as obvious of a match as you can get. Grandmaster and Jinder get things going with Grandmaster scoring with a quick dropkick. Off to Scotty who is still in good shape but gets punched down by McIntyre. Drew misses a charge in the corner and the bulldog sets up the WORM. Slater robs us of our gratification though and 3MB takes over again. The announcers spend the entire match arguing over whether Too Cool can be called the Hip Hop Twins, thereby making the whole thing about them instead of the legends.

Scotty clotheslines McIntyre down and makes the hot tag to Rikishi who looks incredibly slow. He does manage a superkick to Mahal for two but Slater makes the save. Rikishi clotheslines two Band members down and the Hip Hop Drop takes out McIntyre. Mahal tries a sunset flip on Rikishi but gets sat on for the pin at 5:24.

Rating: D+. The match sucked and the commentary was annoying, but this is exactly what modern nostalgia should be about. Too Cool is an act that’s old enough for people to reminisce but not old enough that they embarrass themselves in the ring. Nobody is hurt, the fans get to have a fun moment and everybody wins. Good stuff.

We get one more big legends segment with everyone mentioned tonight plus Godfather. All of them get introduced to the crowd but Bad News Barrett interrupts. Everyone has a good time but Bad News Barrett interrupts. This should be a momentous occasion but there’s some bad news. Flea markets are in a frenzy today because all of these old guys aren’t there to sign 25 year old photos for seven people. Barrett will take great pleasure in forgetting all of their names as soon as they leave the arena, just like all of the fans.

Randy Orton vs. Big E. Langston on Smackdown.

Before the main event here’s Gene Okerlund to shill a hotline for $5.95 a minute and kids don’t need their parents’ permission. He brings out the New Age Outlaws who don’t want him to tell a story about the three of them, a clown and farm animals. The Outlaws head to the ring and do their catchphrases before doing the introductions for the main event.

Roman Reigns vs. CM Punk

Feeling out process to start with Punk taking him down into a headlock. The Outlaws are sticking around at ringside. Reigns comes back with a shoulder block and we take a break. Back with Reigns knocking Punk off the apron and into the barricade. Reigns brings him back inside for some shots to the head and a body vice. A headbutt puts Reigns down again but he comes back with a cross body, only to hurt his ribs even more.

We hit the bearhug from Roman before he shifts it around to a body vice. Punk tries to escape but Reigns suplexes him down, only to miss the Superman Punch and get kicked in the head. More kicks have Reigns in trouble and Punk drops him with some ax handles and a neckbreaker for two. The running knee in the corner gets two more but Reigns breaks up the Macho Elbow.

Punk breaks up a superplex attempt and drops the elbow (to Ambrose according to Cole) for no cover. The Outlaws and Shield get into it on the floor and Punk dives out to take care of Rollins, only to dive into the Superman Punch for two. The spear hits the middle buckle and Punk gets a VERY close two off a rollup. Punk snaps off a high kick for two more but Reigns escapes the GTS. Another Ambrose distraction lets Reigns spear Punk in half for the pin at 16:14.

Rating: B. This took time to get going but the near falls at the end were all great stuff. They’re pushing Reigns to the moon and it continues to show how annoying these start and stop pushes can be. Look what happens when you push guys like Reigns and Langston to the moon without having them trade wins against midcarders for a change. It’s like people get behind monsters who clean house or something.

Post match Shield poses but JAKE ROBERTS comes out. Punk picks up Ambrose for a GTS but gives him an airplane spin first. Jake looks better than I’ve seen him in years. Ambrose gets the snake treatment for old times’ sake.

Overall Rating: D+. The D in this case is for disappointing. This show has potential every year but most of the time it turns into a regular Raw with a few frills to pay lip service to the theme of the night. Look at all the completely meaningless cameos and time spent on regular stuff instead of the legends. There was one match all night featuring the legends and it was the most enjoyable thing all night.

With six weeks between TLC and the Rumble, it’s ok to spend a week on something fun instead of plugging your App and whatever other nonsense they’ve got going on at the moment. This felt like any given Raw with a few extra moments put in. I wanted to love this show a lot but instead it became dull really fast and I kept forgetting it was a special at all. That’s not bad but it’s very disappointing which is even worse.


Usos/Rey Mysterio b. Wyatt Family – Rollup to Harper

Big E. Langston b. Curtis Axel – Big Ending

Alberto Del Rio b. Sin Cara – Superkick

Cody Rhodes/Goldust b. Real Americans – Final Cut to Swagger

Great Khali b. Damien Sandow – Chop to the head

Aksana/Alicia Fox b. Bella Twins – Aksana pinned Brie after a missed missile dropkick

Too Cool/Rikishi b. 3MB – Seated senton to Mahal

Roman Reigns b. CM Punk – Spear


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  1. Not Jay Wyatt says:

    A year ago I began my journey….tonight it ends and it will end badly. I warned you all of the dangers of TNA and here we are, people still watching. I have tried to save you all but you wont listen….listen with your hearts…..tonight it ends

    Jay H. (the real one) Reply:

    I agree…I tried to come here and give my opinions of how great RAW is but no matter how positive I am, they wont let me…..let me join the family

    *Jay H.(the real one) stumbles and follows behind Not Jay Wyatt as we fade to black*

    Not Jay Reply:

    This officially ends the Not Jay storyline….goodbye

    Jay H. (the real one) Reply:

    Am I the only one who thinks this joke has run its course? Either this guy is just an idiot troll,a TNA Fan who is still mad I gave TNA some negative thoughts,or whatever.

    Anyway tonight was fun and Jake The Snake Roberts Return was a mark out moment for sure. DDP has done wonders with that man.

  2. Reid says:

    I really hope Jake gets a spot in the Rumble. He fought like hell to get in shape.

  3. Jay H. (the realest of the real) says:

    I jerked off to tonight’s episode of RAW…it was that good

  4. F5 says:

    How in the world you thought that the match between Punk and Reigns was anything but awful is beyond me. A “B” is an absurd score, even a C is absolutely pushing it.

    CM Punk has continued to show that when he’s not in the ring with someone the caliber of Cena his work is sloppy and suffers. Reigns also displayed how absolutely green he is tonight and exactly why the WWE have booked him to have shorter and more high intensity spots and segments in matches.

    If I thought he didn’t have what it took to be a top guy before he certainly didn’t help matters this time. Big E has more of what it takes, certainly. His recent promos haven’t been much but he’s got far more charisma, is absurdly strong, and a much better look. All Reigns can do is glare, yell, and spear people and once they take that vest off of him he’s gonna flounder. All the Samoan heritage in the world and Rock’s encouragement isn’t gonna change that.

    Lesnar had what it took to be the top guy without mic skills, though until his MMA career boosted him he had nothing on Cena’s run. He was and is truly something special. Batista is coming back and he does Reign’s act far better than he ever could. No, unless he improves drastically he’ll be about as relevant as Sheamus is now. Nothing more than a guy people claimed would be big but his lack of personality or any true discernible skill dropped him from WWE Champion to mediocre midcarder.

    But your reviews have never been good, and you’ve clearly never had what it took to see actual talent, having squirmed your way out of acknowledging Bryan at every turn and making every excuse possible to support WWE’s terrible booking of his, having Cena put on a promo before their match about how size doesn’t matter and then cutting Bryan’s vengeance short to push an overweight neverwas who never ever drew a dime for anyone just because he’s 7′ tall.

    WWE hasn’t known what they were doing for a long time and let politics get in the way of making money, flushing it down the drain in order to placate the ego of sub-par performers like Triple H, who did everything in his power along with his terrible, negative drawing, drug addicted idol Shawn Michaels to hold down real talents like the Rock due to their own idiocy and racism and then became bitter once he surpassed both of them combined(and if you don’t believe me you can ask Rock himself about it).

    Then again, all top stars in WWE have always been in spite of what the McMahon’s best attempts were. If Vince had his way he’d be masturbating to iron man matches with an uninjured Michaels(who never would’ve put Austin over if he wasn’t hurt) and HHH(who would have foolishly won KotR if he hasn’t fucked up to support his more talented friends) while WCW won the ratings war. I was never a WCW supporter, but quite frankly, the way WWE is run today makes Russo’s regime in the dying days look like the Hogan Era.

    Enjoy your forums.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    WWE’s current estimated value: 1.25 billion dollars.

    Yeah I’m just covering up for their horrible management. They know NOTHING about the wrestling industry.

    F5 Reply:

    The Roman Empire was pretty big too, and then it fell apart. Though, comparing WWE executives to the Roman Empire is a disservice to the Roman Empire. Even Nero who burned down half of his own city while playing lyre was more competent at his job than Vincent Kennedy McMahon, his family(adopted or otherwise), and those they have in charge. They can fix it, most of the fixes are incredibly simple. They just won’t.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    I love people like you. You seem to absolutely hate the company and everything about it but you watch every week, likely swearing that you never will again.

    ted Reply:

    It’s interesting to see both sides of the coin. On one Side f5 who hates everything about the show and shows up to blast it. Then Kb on the other side who supports most if not all decisions no matter how questionable.

    Raw is a good show, quality entertainment. However they have made some, odd or downright stupid decisions. I still don’t know what your fascination with how much money they make or the ratings as a reason to watch the show. A company can make billions and still put on crap.

    Guys like big e are going to be amount to little. He doesn’t have the promo skills and will most likely fissile the way of Lashley. Most times Kb is reasonable “his hate of D-bry not withstanding I don’t get that at all” I find his style of review enjoyable. You just have to look past the bias in some areas. It’s not Kb’s fault everyone has bias.

    We are all wrestling fans, so I suppose hugging it out is not an option?

  5. F5 says:

    You’ve mistaken me for someone else. As I said before, I’ve always loved WWE. I took WWF over WCW in the ratings war and my pick was obviously the correct one. I can also contribute much of their lulls in ratings to the Benoit Incident and the MMA fad, however, this in no way shape, or form excuses their poor management or how they’re ultimately run as a business.

    As big as they are now, they could be bigger, they could be better. They have so much potential there to harness, so much money to make, but they don’t. They won’t cut the fat, they won’t reorganize, and they allow petty squabbles and “family” to get in the way of success. Their actions time and time again, over the several decades that I’ve been watching professional wrestling, are tantamount to a plane or boat needing to lose weight in order to prevent a crash and throwing the pilot, co-pilot, and crew out instead of the rock collection and empty bottles.

    WWE has done fine with Cena, though he built himself before McMahon realized he, and not Batista, Orton, or his son in law were the real star of the company, but they continue to cut runs short, drop storylines, and dabble in stupidity of the highest order. And all the while it’s people like you who support it at every step. I want the company to succeed and reach heights higher than it ever has. I’ve loved professional wrestling my entire life, and will for the rest of it, though the way it’s going wrestling will die before I do. People like you on the other hand continue to prove Mark Madden right in his collumns. You’re so used to eating shit that you think a turd with a peanut AND corn in it is somehow lobster tail. It’s not.

    Fans like you are the real problem, buying whatever they sell no matter how terrible it is. WWE is a business just like any other, they are all alterable through direct, market democracy. But that only helps when the consumer understands the problem and reacts accordingly.

    If only the McMahons didn’t have such a stake in the company… and Jim Ross, Paul Heyman, and Jim Cornette had the money to buy it from them… but they’d probably just fuck it up too…

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Dang I’m glad you got banned. I remember why you drove people crazy.

    F5 Reply:

    Being in the right tends to make those in the wrong angry. The top of the mountain is pretty lonely… but the view… it’s to die for…

    klunderbunker Reply:

    I’m well aware. I can’t quite see you down there in whatever basement you’re in while you rant and rave about how WWE could be better and you, yes YOU, have all the answers to their problems (what those are I’m not sure but I’m sure you can tell me…..please don’t though). Then again what would I, someone who has been watching over 25 years know about what works and what doesn’t?q

  6. Jay H. (the real one) says:

    F5,you and fatass Mark Madden are whats wrong with Pro Wrestling today. You think you have all the answers to fix WWE,TNA,or whoever’s problems. You sit on your computer writing articles about fixing the problems and sayng everything sucks. But what do you and Madden do? You continue to watch it anyway.

    F5 Reply:

    We sure do, donuts in hand, down in my basement while we pass around the lotion and crusty sock(he likes Flair, I like Hogan, an Odd Couple, who knew?). You guys sure do have us pegged.

    Fuck, I dropped my Boston Cream. Guess I’ll go back to writing MLP fan fiction while WWE continues to do no wrong and I blindly hate literally everything they do.

    Good luck on all these fake names finally letting you lose your virginity. I know it’ll all work out!

  7. klunderbunker says:

    I still don’t get why people think I hate Bryan. I called him Wrestler of the year, I rate most of his matches highly and he’s entertained me several times. What I’ve said is he’s not a guy that is going to be able to lead the company. He’s a guy who belongs in the main event scene but not on the top of it. If that’s hating him, I’m not sure I could handle supporting someone.

    As for the ratings/success, it doesn’t make a difference in me watching. I care though because I love WWE. I’ve watched them my entire life and poured a lot of time and money into them. I want them to succeed and expand and based on what I’ve seen, Bryan as the top man doesn’t give them the best chance to do that. Nothing more to it than that.

  8. roger says:

    See but they are succeeding. Do you really Think that if Bryan got the god push.
    Starting beating all the top guys all the time belittling the heels and having them run from him. All The other things that come with being “the guy”. That he wouldn’t become the face of the company?

    It’s about The way the company wants you portrayed. The reason Bryan isn’t the “face of the wwe” is because someone doesn’t want him to be.

    ” I think the reason people have a problem with it is because they have stalled or stopped so many pushes it seems like they are intentionally stopping people who could make a difference, if given the same time and thought as Cena or any other top guy. It takes time. It took Hogan years, Austin Years, even Cena years.
    It just seems like a good idea to build someone up to Cena’s level while he’s still relativity young. They won’t and it’s frustrating. at least that’s my interpretation of it.”

    Also The Fans see Bryan as Their Creation. He wasn’t supposed to mean much. But their support has gotten him this far. Now the company is saying he’s not at the level of a Orton Or Cena. They expect fans to just accept that he doesn’t matter as much anymore “see Ryder, Zack.” The fans don’t want to do that. They aren’t going to take no for an answer. That’s why the fans hijack segments and Bryan gets the loudest pops of the night. The fans are saying “We will pay money to see Daniel Bryan as The main star of the show” And The wwe is saying ” we don’t want your money.”

    p.s. Before you say They tried it and it didn’t draw as much. It was done for 3 months and everyone knew Cena was coming back to take the throne. Bryan would have to go on a 6 month to a year Being seen as a better to everyone. Not going to draws with Orton then feuding/joining the Wyatts. Nothing against the Wyatts but it’s a demotion.

    I apologize for all the rambling but I think they’re some good points in there.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Two things:

    1. Yeah you can tell if someone is a draw or not in three months.

    2. Cena didn’t take the throne back.

    Ted Reply:

    1. Come on kb your better than this. Cena was midcarder going nowhere for longer than 3 months before being given a chance. You know it takes times.

    Hell Cena’s first title reign lasted longer than 5 months. If he only had 3 they would taken the belt off of him, after bad buyrates wrestling jbl at judgement day.

    2. Randy might be the champion But Cena is still the focus of the show. In fact being Cena is more important than being the champion.

    p.s. Another reason people think you don’t like Daniel Bryan was that post of battleground buyrate trying to put an stamp on him not being a draw. Could he get there with an actual title reign? We may never know at this rate.

    have a nice day:)

    klunderbunker Reply:

    1. Bryan was a world heavyweight champion and held every other title before winning the WWE Title. He’s moved up the card for years and pinned Cena completely clean in the middle of the ring. That puts him on one of the shortest lists in WWE history. I agree that his time on top didn’t go well from a booking standpoint, but to argue that he hasn’t had enough time doesn’t hold up.

    2. Cena is going to be the focus of the show no matter who is on top. He was the focus of the show when one of the three biggest stars ever was WWE Champion. There’s no controlling that, and again that argument doesn’t hold up. Remember: for the build to Battleground and Night of Champions, people thought Cena was going to be gone until January at least.

    Bryan had multiple chances and those chances didn’t work (not entirely his fault mind you).

    3. And the same is true of people like Eddie Guerrero and Shawn Michaels. If that’s the company that Daniel Bryan is in for the rest of his career, he’s going to be just fine.

    F5 Reply:

    One of the largest problems is revisionist history. Austin’s supporters, for example, would try to have you believe that the second he won the championship WWF started winning the ratings war, and yet they didn’t. Sting was the larger star of 97, not Austin. WWF didn’t start to turn the tide for a while after.

    Cena is one of the greatest stars of all time, but WWE didn’t have faith in him at first either. Vince thought how he worked and his moveset was indicative of someone lower. They pushed Batista after Orton failed, because HHH and Vince thought he was the guy. Cena was arguably hotter come the rumble, but Batista still won. Even after Cena won the championship they didn’t see him as the guy, they kept him on Smackdown and tried to push Batista.

    Ratings began to increase again only after Cena was on Raw and had the full force of the company behind him during his long reign as champ. This was in 07 before the Benoit murders took place. Just look at the ratings track, look at attendance. It’s all right there in the numbers.

    And going back to Austin, Vince wasn’t high on him either. A foul-mouth, beer drinking, redneck couldn’t possibly be the “Face” of the company. And yet he became too big to ignore, and Vince was forced to make it so. The idea that just because the company doesn’t want a guy as its top face or that someone isn’t “fit” to be the top face is absurd and against how professional wrestling works.

    The top guy is the one who draws the most, the one who draws the most is this one who is the most over and has people wanting to pay to see him. It doesn’t matter if it’s a midget or a 50 foot chimp. That’s how the business is supposed to work. The McMahons always have to get behind someone who wasn’t their top choice because the fans demand it. This was even the case with Hulk Hogan. Vince SR told him he couldn’t be in Rocky III and would release him if he did it. He was in the film and Vince released him. That film ended up giving him exposure and making him huge in AWA. It’s only because AWA and Gagne fucked up in not giving him the title that Vince JR was able to bring him in and align with him.

    But history is never the friend of the WWE asskissers. I will give WWE credit for still keeping Bryan strong even after the debacle with his storyline. The Wyatt feud will only help him(assuming they don’t try to minimize him again), but if he ends up winning the championship and drawing the company big money it will again be in spite of a Vince, just like every other time.

    Again, don’t mind history, it only proves me right.

  9. M.R. says:

    Facing off against Rey Mysterio reminded me how small Daniel Bryan is. Call me closeminded, but I’d prefer someone more prototypical as the face of the company.

    ted Reply:

    Your close minded.

  10. BudDakota (the average wrestling fan) says:

    I apologize, but I honestly don’t know what the fuck most of you are talking about. We have one guy writing a fucking Unabomber manifesto about his issues with the company and then says he’s a hogan guy. Hey dipshit I lived through good hogan and then I watched him single handedly destroyed wcw (stArrcade 97, finger poke of doom). So I don’t know what the fuck your talking about. Wwe is about to sign one of the biggest tv deals in the history of network television, and will be making more money than ever. Which is the point. If you don’t like it, thAts ok, but just fuck off and don’t make the rest of us have to deal with your incoherent rumblings. I love Bryan but he couldn’t be put over much more in the past year unless they just decide he will never lose again, which is appArently your only solution.
    Maybe he should start using the stinky leg drop.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    He’s actually right here. It was a full 14 days into Austin’s reign before they won a night in the Wars. Huge gap indeed.

    In case you’d like the real history: Nitro won the next week and then won one more time for nearly four months. Learn your history.

    Cena was only hotter at the 2005 Rumble to people who have no idea what they’re talking about. Batista was the bigger star for most of 2005.

    franklin Reply:

    BudDakota (the average wrestling fan) says:
    ” I love Bryan but he couldn’t be put over much more in the past year unless they just decide he will never lose again, which is appArently your only solution.”

    Yep Nothing says being put over like being champ for 1 day twice, Then losing, Then being forced to join the Wyatts. Clearly being positioned as a top guy.

    F5 Reply:

    How about you take a look at the numbers. They were still pretty damn even until around 99. Nitro won some(by a lot), WWF won some. People try to act like Austin got in and all the fans immediately switched over and started blowing him while never watched WCW again. But Goldberg was JUST as over until he was injured. There’s a reason everyone wanted to see him fight, he was a bigger star than Rock until he broke his own hand like an idiot and WCW botched everything (the Fingerpoke was actually a smart move, just as the taser was. Anyone with a brain knows it was to help Goldberg, not hurt him. He no longer had the “Streak” to ruin him if he ever lost and he was “screwed” just like Rock over and over, and would’ve gotten even bigger had what happened not gone down.)

    And, if you want to try and claim somehow that Bryan’s run is ANYWHERE NEAR equivalent to Austin’s you’re fucking insane. Austin won the King of the Ring, the Royal Rumble, and was consistently booked strong against fucking everyone for ages, finally going on to a heated rivalry with Michaels, whom he beat, getting his revenge and going on to have the entire force of the company put behind him as the face to get him where he was. Bryan on the other hand? WWE had him lose the week before facing Cena(screwed or not it’s ridiculous), there was NOWHERE near the same build that Austin had going into his match at Mania(again, winning the Rumble), and then he wasn’t even given a run with the title when he not only beat one of the greatest stars ever to lace up a pair of boots CLEAN for it, but the next time he won, getting what should have been his revenge, he was stripped of the title, beaten down week in and week out, and then screwed on Pay-Per-Views before being taken out by a completely random group so Paul Fucking White could steal his chants and take his push for no reason other than being bigger.

    The ENTIRE time Bryan was in the story Big Show was made out to be a bigger deal. Bryan wasn’t on TV anywhere near as much, Big Show was involved with HHH, he was fired, he sued, all what should have happened with Bryan(like when Austin almost won control of the company from Vince) was given to that fat oaf just to justify his ridiculously overpriced contract and Bryan was put into a feud with Duck Dynasty instead. WWE did everything in their power to keep Bryan from hitting the point where he could have in that feud, and anyone with a fucking brain can see that.

    The exact same reason that nWo lost ratings against WWE is the exact same reason WWE lost ratings in that storyline, evil kept winning, the top star of the feud never won, they screwed people out of their money when they wanted to see a clear decision and their pick to rise above, and then they booked people in the main event NO ONE wanted to see. Good thing WWE seem to have seen how fucking retarded they were when that shit blew up in their face and the fans rebelled against them, and are still booking Bryan strong to hopefully take what he should’ve already had at Mania.

    Also, this isn’t a book, it’s a chapter. Rather short too. Pass the donut, Mark, I’m famished.

    Footnote: Hogan didn’t bury Sting, he was an out of shape, pilled up, ring rusted junkie by the time their match happened. I’d have still given him a run anyway, they could’ve just had him sitting in a chair acting mysterious and fans would’ve still paid hand over first for it, even if his cape was covered in vomit. Regardless, WCW officials made that decision, not Hulk(who is constantly demonized even though you can ask Bischoff himself and he’ll tell you Hulk always went along with things. Though he deserved to decide what happened in that company, he fucking built it while overrated dinosaurs like Flair took paychecks just to show up, kinda like Sting in TNA).

    BudDakota Reply:

    Have you ever seen Starrcade 97? How could you even suggest that Hogan didn’t bury him. They flushed the entire sting storyline down the tubes by having Hogan dominate him from the opening bell and then pin him 1,2,3 after a fucking leg drop. Hogan was never in trouble until they restarted the match. I don’t care if Sting was as high as Jeff Hardy you have to have him whip Hogan’s ass. It was what kept fans interested for a very long time and they just took every bit of steam out of it. Hogan had full creative control, you cannot expect anyone to believe that all of the horrible booking decisions revolving around Hogan were everyone but the Hulkster’s fault.

    And Franklin, do I think Bryan’s booking has been flawless, no? But at the end of the day Daniel Bryan pinned “Supercena” clean in the middle of the ring at the second biggest show of the year. He beat Randy Orton damn near every time they wrestled and was subsequently screwed out of the title. Bryan’s booking has not been perfect but his run with the company is not over by a long shot and there is plenty more gas left in his tank. It’s possible they may bury him but I guess I’m an optimist.

  11. BudDakotA says:

    And sting may hAve been a bigger star until Hogan buried him deeper than every one of Triple Hhh victims combined. Dumbfuck.

  12. chad says:

    i was with you until you said that WWF didn’t take over the ratings for a long time after he won the title. Now I know you’re talking out of your ass, Austin won the belt in 1998, not 97 and RAW overtook Nitro in the ratings about 2 weeks after WM 14.

  13. james gracie says:

    I’m gonna miss Not Jay…that is until Thursday when he debuts his next gimmick.

    What is the deal with everyone(mainly that F5 clown) writing a frickin novel in the comments tonight?

    Show was disappointing like you said and I have no faith in this Bryan storyline other than it being a way to reduce his pop. Lesnar or Batista is winning the Rumble, which kind of sucks IMO. Jake the Snake coming out at the end and looking fantastic at least got rid of the sour taste in my mouth from this ‘special’ RAW.

  14. ted says:

    Do you think it’s kind of a waste For Lesnar to use one of his appearances on big show?

    F5 Reply:

    Of course it is. Big Show is a waste as it is. He should’ve been fired a long time ago. Then again if WWE were smart they’d cut half the roster and give Lesnar all their paycheck’s to make him a full-timer… But they aren’t…

    Rocko Reply:

    Except Lesnar doesn’t want to be a full timer. Cutting half the roster is a really fucking dumb idea.

    F5 Reply:

    Cutting a bunch of dead weight that doesn’t draw a dime or affect the overall profit margins of the company is a bad idea? WWE’s spendable income increases dramatically if they do that, by millions in fact. Enough to have Lesnar show up to look menacing most weeks and wrestle on other PPVs, or at least show up, wouldn’t want to over-saturate him or kill his mystique.

    Fact is Lesnar is the biggest draw in wrestling today, and his MMA put him over Cena and even Rock, whose appeal waned fast. Not their fault, but WWE over-saturated them or in Cena’s case booked him poorly for a long time. The top guy should always have the belt, it builds the next star far better when he finally loses it. And if you shove millions in Brock’s face and let him fly to and fro from events on the private jet, Sable blowing him the whole way, I’m sure he’ll be fine with wrestling 6-12 times a year while being the focal point of the company.

    In fact he should beat Taker at Mania. Replace “who can beat Taker” with “Who can beat Brock?” People will buy it more, and you’ll get someone who draws and shows up more than one night a year…

  15. Ted says:

    Why in the hell did the outlaws come out with Punk? It just seemed so random.

  16. F5 says:

    I referenced the Starcade situation, it’s not my fault that you have no reading comprehension.

    F5 Reply:

    I’d tell him whom this was meant for, but I’d assume he’d be incapable of reading it.

  17. Rocko says:

    Having a part timer as the top guy is again, a bad idea. Not a lot of guys make millions or even half a million. So even if you cut ten lower level guys, you will probably not even reach a million.

    It’s not who can beat Taker, it’s about the streak. Lesnar has no streak.

    I’m sure Lesnar is fine with the money he is making. Lesnar is not the top draw. He is a draw but not the top one.

  18. BudDakota "The average wrestling fan" says:

    Yes you referenced it, you made no valid points but you referenced it. If you cant even admit that Hogan had a huge hand in the death of wcw i dont know what else to say. You are delusional.

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