Three Thoughts of the Day

Maybe I should watch Raw while I’m barely awake more often.1. Boy That’s Convenient!

Last night on Raw, Brad Maddox made the Usos vs. Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt have a rematch inside of a cage.  Wasn’t it lucky that there just happened to be a cage above the ring?  Could you at least try to make it seem like this show isn’t completely scripted?


2. Nice and Easy.

With Shield’s breakup being imminent for the last three months or so, I’m very relieved to see that they’re not being jobbed out every single match.  That idea is so overused and it takes away any kind of shock you might see coming.  Thankfully Shield has only lost a handful of times and is still a powerful force.  Hopefully this means they change some of their played out ideas up a little bit.


3. Watch How It’s Done Junior.

If you’ve watched WWE in the last three weeks or so, you know that Batista is coming back next week and that he’ll be in the Rumble.  WWE has hyped up the return like they always do and I’m betting WWE will draw a crowd as a result.  Batista is a big star and people are likely going to be interested in watching him return.

Compare this to the return of AJ Styles.  Styles returned at the end of an episode of Impact and the next week he was in a world title unification match.  No additional hype, no time to make the fans feel like they had to see it and nowhere near as many additional fans watching the show as they could have had.  The rating was higher due to having a big match.  Imagine how much higher it could have been if more people had known they could have seen AJ return to the ring for a world title unification match.


  1. Killjoy says:

    I recall an episode of Impact where an impromptu cage match was made and they show the stage crew pulling the cage walls out of the back. Why is that so hard?

    Stormy Reply:

    because it takes a decent amount of time to properly assemble the cage and make sure it is safe for the performers to climb.

    Back in the Hogan Era and the New Generation they had to assemble the cage and it would take valuable time. They’re better served having something interesting entertaining the fans instead of people building something.

    And if you think they should not have it pre-assembled, then why should they have it backstage if they know they won’t need it? Using that thought process then they should also have a Cell, Elimination Chamber, and the equipment needed for Inferno/Ring of Fire match backstage at virtually every event.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Say it’s time for the cage match.

    Backstage segment
    Another segment

    That eats up about 9 minutes, which is more than enough time to get a cage up, especially the modern WWE cage which only has four parts instead of eight like the old one.

    Marky-Marc Reply:

    I’m pretty sure the new cage has 3 pieces on each side now as they’ve made it a little bigger. It looks to be multiple sections instead of just 4 pieces of chain-link.
    Either way, I think the intelligent thing to do would have Maddox tell Kane “I figured the Wyatt’s would interfere, so I had the cage set up just in case.” Delivers on all points.

  2. klunderbunker says:

    Exactly. There’s a dozen ways to do it and they picked the worst.

  3. Rocko says:

    Well they could explain it by saying they were planning of having a steel cage match, just didn’t decide who yet.