Royal Rumble 2014 Preview

After Smackdown last night I’m actually excited for the show.

As always we’ll start with the pre-show match.  I can’t imagine they’ll take the belts off the Rhodes Brothers and give them to the Outlaws, especially not on a pre-show.  The Brothers have been on fire as of late and come off like main event players, so the belts stay with them.  The Outlaws have been impressive though as they’re basically at the same level they were on fifteen years ago.

Lesnar over Big Show.  There’s a chance they’ll do a double DQ, but Big Show doesn’t get hurt by losing as he’ll get at least two world title shots on PPV this year.

Orton keeps the title in a match I think people forget exists.  The booking of this feud has been completely backwards with the title match being booked and then making it personal and the gimmick match leading off the feud.  I don’t believe for a second that there won’t be interference of some sort and Orton keeps the title.  I have very little desire to see this match.

I have a feeling we get a no contest/unclean ending to Bray vs. Bryan.  THe Wyatts losing kills most of the mystique but Bryan is so hot right now that you can’t have him lose at a big PPV.  I think they drag this out to another show which isn’t the worst thing in the world.

Now for the real main event with the Rumble itself.  Until #30 enters and it’s not Bryan, I’ll take Daniel Bryan as the favorite to win.  He’s the hottest thing in years and there are only twenty entrants accounted for so far.  Yeah there are a lot of rumors out there about what might be coming for him at Wrestlemania but I’ll believe the card when it’s announced on Raw.  If Bryan isn’t in there, this is going to Batista, which it likely is anyway.  Punk will make a good run but Kane will screw him over, setting up Punk vs. Kane at Elimination Chamber which sets up Punk vs. HHH at Wrestlemania.

If AJ vs. Naomi is added, the champion keeps the title.

Overall the show definitely has me interested because the Rumble is a match that can go several ways.  Yeah Batista is the big favorite at this point, but there are other options to winning it.  The other matches should be fun though I have less of a desire to see them.  The good thing about the RUmble is that a third of the show is spent on one match, so the entire show hinges on that alone.


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  1. Killjoy says:

    I don’t see Batista winning it. At all. If he does, I’ll be pretty shocked, since Punk has been incredibly solid since dropping title while Bryan has hijacked every single segment thanks to the crowd. If they don’t go with Punk vs Orton for the title, then I’m certain the next choice will be Cena vs Bryan while Lesnar or Sheamus play with Batista at WM.

  2. Stormy says:

    I agree about the sub-par booking of Orton/Cena. I can’t believe I’m saying this but while reading this I completely forgot who Orton was defending against and I’m a Cena fan who doesn’t forget about him.

    It was so good when Cena’s dad got attacked then they forgot to include Cena himself in the feud the past 2 weeks.

  3. M.R. says:

    How could they not go with Bryan winning the Rumble? He’s the biggest thing going right now and unless they truly don’t see him as a legit main eventer despite the crowd, he’s gotta win.

    Ted Reply:

    I totally agree. Their are other routes to go with big Dave. That will still make him a big deal.

    M.R. Imperfect Reply:

    What a dimwit comment. So wwe usually gives the Rumble to the most over guy in the business? Jokes.

    And he is not and never was the biggest thing. He was given the reigns back late last year and he couldn’t convert his cult following to dollars. So fail. Next.

  4. Conor says:

    At least this Rumble and road to Wrestlemania is unpredictable. They may get it wrong but at least there are various options and things to keep us guessing. Last year was so predictable and it was clear what matches we were getting long before the show which meant that everything just dragged.