CM Punk Goes Home, Pulled From WWE Schedule

That’s the big story today.

Short version: Punk is sick and tired of the direction the company is going and doesn’t like the part timers taking the big spots.  Now of course there’s the chance that this is all a work, especially given that it’s Punk, but he’s coming off as rather whiny here if it’s true.  Punk was WWE Champion for well over a year and was without a doubt the #2 guy in the company.  I understand the problem with wanting to be the top guy and seeing people like Batista coming in and getting that spot, but this isn’t the way to go about it.  At least get through Wrestlemania and be written off TV.

However, I think he’ll be back for Wrestlemania and the showdown with HHH.  Either that or Bryan will take Punk’s spot and pin HHH clean.  The question is: will that be ok with the fans?


  1. M.R. says:

    Still don’t get all the hoopla over this guy.

    Ted Reply:

    Talented, under 40, connects with audience, funny.

    M.R. Reply:

    Terribly overrated, both in the ring and promos. Not at all funny.

    Conor Reply:

    Two matches of the year in the last three years as well as a pile of damn good other bouts. Not overrated at all – one of the top five workers in the company.

    M.R. Reply:

    What matches are you referring to..?

    Ted Reply:

    You may not like him but there’s no denying he’s fine talent. I also agree with the other post, There is no reason for Triple H to have a wrestlemania match anymore.

    You should be more upset that it’s gotten to the point, where talent are willing to leave. Now Punk doesn’t have all the answers no question. But He deserves better.

    M.R. Reply:

    I’m supposed to be upset that it’s gotten to the point talent are willing to leave?

    And why shouldn’t Triple H have a match at Wrestlemania? His matches with Lesnar were great, and his match against Taker at Mania was absolutely suberb, MUCH better than the match Punk had with Taker I might add.

  2. chad says:

    cm punk is highly overrated, he’s a so-so wrestler. he can’t even do the macho elbow properly it looks like he’s tripped off the top turnbuckle rather than jumped lol.

  3. Dark Grin says:

    Punk vs Cena – Money in the Bank 2011
    Punk vs Bryan – Over the Limit 2012
    Punk vs Lesnar – Summerslam 2013

    All considered “in the conversation” for match of the respective year.

    M.R. Reply:

    All fine matches, but to be fair Cena and Bryan are the two best workers in the company in my opinion. And Lesnar’s just a fucking beast.

    Rocko Reply:

    You can’t have a good match by yourself.

    M.R. Reply:


    Rocko Reply:

    No I meant Punk does have talent. I’m not putting him on an all time list but he is very good. Saying the matches were good cause of the other guys is severely downplaying his talent.

    M.R. Reply:

    I find him terribly sloppy, though he’s no doubt capable of having a great match when paired with the right guy.

  4. Selfish Generation says:

    Rumours suggest he is unhappy with how he is being used for Wrestlemania, and how Batista has just waltzed into the Rumble win and WM headline slot. I fully sympathise. Rocky is one thing. He genuinely has the admiration of fans AND drawing power to justify his use in the last two Manias. Batista, not so much. The roster is currently the deepest and most exciting it has been in a loooooooong time. Batista is not needed in the title scene (or at all in my own opinion).

    This moves me onto the Punk / HHH match. Think about it… Why does Hunter even need to be on yet another Mania card other than to massage his own fat ego? They have Batista, Lesnar and Undertaker to fill the big name/nostalgia slots. Is that not enough? Apparently not.

    If this truly is the end of Punk in WWE (or wrestling as a whole for that matter) then I respect him for having the spine to stand up for himself. Sucks for us, the fans, but that’s just the way sometimes. This maybe a wake up call to McMahon / HHH but I doubt it.

    Punk to turn up on Impact! from Glasgow tomorrow as the mystery investor?


    M.R. Reply:

    Having the spine to throw a hissy fit and go home? Oh, the honor.

    Selfish Generation Reply:

    If Punk has reached the point where he is genuinely so unhappy working for the company that he is happy to leave and never look back, then what else is he supposed to do? Keep his mouth shut and continue to destroy his body for an organisation he obviously feels does not value him?

    Or maybe he could just ask Vince and HHH really, really nicely to change their whole philosophy and the direction of the company. That would go very well indeed.

  5. Killjoy says:

    Batista pulled the same excuse before leaving in 2010. Look where he’s at now.

    The Royal Rumble made the writing in the wall pretty clear. If you aren’t content being #2, too bad.

    therockiswwf Reply:

    One small difference. Batista gave 7 months notice.

    Ted Reply:

    Problem being Batista came back and no one missed him. It seems the WWE thought Batista would come back with Rock or Lesnar Level fan fair. Batista has never been that guy.

    Should punk not be given better for doing and meaning more?

  6. klunderbunker says:

    Great? No, they weren’t. The first was good, the second was a HHH love fest and the third was as needed as a 9th toe.

    M.R. Reply:

    Disagree, I don’t think Lesnar’s had a bad match since returning. Totally captivating everytime he’s on screen.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    There’s a stretch between not having a bad match and great.

    M.R. Reply:

    Perhaps a touch of hyperbole, though I standby two of the three Lesnar/H matches being better than Punk/Taker. Point being, there’s no reason Triple H shouldn’t have a Mania match this year.

    Ted Reply:

    1. The fact that he’s in management so there no reason to risk his health in the ring?

    2. No one is going to buy Wrestlemania hearing Triple H is on the card.

    3. We don’t need a yearly ego massage for the Triple H.

    4. A new up and comer could take that spot and we could have new stars instead of relying on the past.

    Also your entitled to your opinion that Lesnar/Triple H Was better than Punk/Taker at wrestlemania 29. But what match were you watching? Granted The first encounter at summerslam was good but the other two were ego wanks.

    I’m just curious as to why you think Lesnar/Triple H 2 or 3 was better?

    M.R. Reply:

    Oh stop being silly. His health is fine for a match, and if by chance he did injure himself and broke his leg, he’d still be capable of doing his management job to the fullest of his capability.

    No ones buying the PPV because of a Triple H match? Wrong. I’ll be buying the PPV and the potential match I’m looking forward to most is Daniel Bryan getting his revenge against Trips. H is a much bigger name than Punk and if you think otherwise you’re kidding yourself.

    An up-and-comer could get the spot? Any up-and-comer worthy of being on the Wrestlemania card will be regardless of whether Triple H is or not. Bray Wyatt’s going one on one with John freaking Cena.

  7. Ted says:

    You misunderstand my health point. I’m not saying he is not healthy, I’m saying that there is no reason for him to be in the ring at all. Why should he risk breaking his legs ? Which aren’t in the best shape anyway after two quad tears. He’s in management now stay there.

    You would buy wrestlemania if D-bry were wrestling Batista or Cena. Don’t kid me or anyone else. Triple H is not essential to anyone buying wrestlemania. It’s not as if you wouldn’t buy it if Triple H wasn’t on it.

    As to your last point exactly Cena is wrestling Bray wyatt. Why shouldn’t Bryan wrestle someone who’s not over 40? Wasn’t the storyline supposed to be about him and Orton? Couldn’t he wrestle any member of the shield?

    As For who’s a bigger deal, That depends on how you quantify it.

    Is Triple H a bad wrestler? No but his time has passed. He has nothing left to prove.

    p.s. You still haven’t told me why you think Lesnar/ Triple H 2 or 3 was better Than Punk/Undertaker. Again I disagree with your opinion on that, I would just like to hear your point of view.

    M.R. Reply:

    Yeah, you’re an idiot.