NXT – February 5, 2014: The Darkness Is Creeping Up On NXT

Date: February 5, 2014
Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Byron Saxton, Tensai, Tom Phillips

We’re getting close to the end of this taping cycle but things aren’t looking all that sluggish for a change. The big stories continue to be Neville vs. Dallas for the title and Sami Zayn wanting another 2/3 falls match against Cesaro. I’m hoping that’s it for Zayn in NXT as there’s just nothing left for him to do, other than winning a title that he doesn’t need anymore. Let’s get to it.

Welcome Home.

Sin Cara vs. Alexander Rusev

Gah with the stupid lighting. This is fallout from Cara saving Xavier Woods from Rusev a few weeks back. Rusev throws him around to start but Cara gets in a kick to the chest and tries a moonsault press. The camera does its best job to hide how short Cara leaves it before Rusev dropkicks a diving Sin Cara out of the air for one. Cara is easily powered down and Rusev stomps on him even more. A quick springboard cross body and a Tajiri elbow get two on Rusev but he counters a victory roll into the Accolade for the win at 4:43.

Rating: D+. Rusev is being treated like the monster he needs to be and that’s all that you need to do at this point. The guy is going to be a big time monster on the main shows and it’s goingt to be awesome. Cara was fine out there and the short moonsault was an error rather than the norm like it was for Mistico.

Alicia Fox vs. Emma

Renee Young joins commentary to add a little flavor. Even Tensai gets up to do the Emma dance and Renee does it as well but not on camera. Fox grabs an arm to start and takes Emma to the ropes but Emma dances a bit. A dropkick puts Emma down again and an elbow to the back breaks up a Dilemma attempt. The great looking bridging northern lights suplex gets two on Emma but she avoids a charge in the corner. The seated cross body in the corner crushes Fox and Emma catapults into the Emma Lock for the win at 3:19.

Rating: C-. Renee summed the Divas division up on commentary: they’re good looking women in nice outfits and made up very well going out there and trying to entertain people. That’s exactly what you had here and the fans were entertained. What more can you ask for besides good looking women in small outfits having fun and putting on a passable match?

Post match Emma says she wants her match with Paige for the Women’s Championship but the BFFs hit the ring to beat her down. Natayla and Bayley make the save.

Sylvester LeFort vs. Mason Ryan

If Sylvester wins, Mason joins his organization. LeFort is actually in great shape and fires off some right hands but walks into a hot shot. Ryan hits a quick big boot and cobra clutch slam for the pin at 50 seconds. This should keep going for awhile. Lucky us.

Aiden English gets a spotlight in the back and talks about threatening Enzo last week. He celebrates this action because it was retaliation to Enzo for running over his foot. That being said, he’s looking forward to Tyson Kidd tonight and hopes to make O Canada cry.

LeFort swears revenge on Ryan.

Tyson Kidd vs. Aiden English

English takes Tyson’s knee out and drops a series of elbows for a fast two. A belly to back suplex gets the same and we hit the chinlock. Tyson fights up and hurricanranas English into the buckle to take over. A running dropkick to the side of Aiden’s head gets two but he comes back with a knee lift and a suplex for two. Here’s Big Cass at ringside to steal Aiden’s scarf and beret, allowing Kidd to hit a Blockbuster (No Kidding) for the pin at 2:43. Fun match.

Corey Graves vs. Adrian Neville

Adrian grabs a headlock to start before flipping over Corey and hiptossing him down. Graves bails to the floor and baits Adrian in to stomp the Brit. The pace slows down with Adrian in trouble in the corner but looking more annoyed than in pain. Adrian avoids an elbow drop and puts on a headlock before dropkicking Corey out to the floor.

Corey takes another breather so Neville cartwheels into a plancha to take him down. Yet again Graves beats Adrian to the punch as he gets back in and we take a break. Back with Corey working on Neville’s leg in the corner and dropping a leg on the leg for good measure. He cannonballs down onto the leg a few times before pulling back on it to make Adrian scream. When Adrian doesn’t submit, Graves simplifies things a bit by just hitting him in the face.

Back to the leg lock for a bit before Graves changes targets with a fireman’s carry backbreaker for a series of two counts. They head outside again with Graves’ piledriver being countered via a backdrop. Back in and some forearms have Corey in trouble before a middle rope dropkick gets two. Graves kicks the knee out again but Adrian rolls to the apron and kicks Corey in the head, setting up the Red Arrow for the pin at 11:08 shown of 14:38.

Rating: B-. Nice long match here with both guys getting to show off a bit. It’s a simple story and Graves’ work on the leg makes sense from more than one perspective. Nice TV main event here which is something NXT can do at the drop of a hat it seems. I’m still not wild on Graves though as he’s just kind of there to me.

Post match a very serious Bo Dallas slowly walks to the ring and takes off his jacket. Before anything can happen though, here’s HHH because NXT doesn’t know how to operate without him. Somehow it takes him two minutes to make the title match a ladder match.

Overall Rating: C+. My fear for this company’s future grows every week as the main show’s influence grows more and more. With stuff like the distraction finishes, the boss having to make the major matches and feuds going on longer than they should, I’m starting to feel like I’m watching another Raw. That’s not good but it’s not past saving yet.


Alexander Rusev b. Sin Cara – Accolade

Emma b. Alicia Fox – Emma Lock

Mason Ryan b. Sylvester LeFort – Cobra clutch slam

Tyson Kidd b. Aiden English – No Kidding

Adrian Neville b. Corey Graves – Red Arrow

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