John Cena’s Injury

As you’ve likely heard, Cena’s knee injury was revealed to be a work, but it turns out he has a legitimate groin strain.  This gets me to thinking.It strikes me as interesting that Cena has a REAL injury less than a week after a major worked injury was revealed to be fake.  It’s almost too much of a coincidence.  Everyone’s reaction: “He’s not a good enough actor to pull that off.”  Any chance that’s exactly what WWE was hoping we would say?


  1. Killjoy says:

    Nah. It would be a bit confusing for it to a work. He hurts his knee on TV but next week it turns out to be his groin? They can’t think we’re that dumb.

    Personally, I dont see what was the point of the fake injury. 3 on 1 wasn’t enough of an adversity?

  2. M.R. says:

    Is it possible he did injure his knee but as the night went on and after x-rays realized it wasn’t anything serious? The way he threw his legs under the rope during the attack made it look legit. Granted, that could’ve just been the intent with a great selljob, but it’s possible.

  3. Civil Defence says:

    The Raw preview talks about him being a “one-legged man” – this whole injury thing was obviously always a work. It means if he loses to Wyatt, that will be the reason. It will be all ‘oh he shouldn’t have agreed to the match – he is injured’ and Wyatt will take advantage