Required Viewing #5: A Great Match You’ve Probably Never Seen

It’s a hidden gem in a dark period for WCW.And it’s a Dustin Rhodes match.  There’s no real backstory here.  Vader is #1 contender and Dustin is a midcard guy ala Kofi Kingston today.  From Clash of the Champions XXIX.



Vader vs. Dustin Rhodes


Dustin is a solid midcard guy and Vader is the #1 contender so this should be interesting. The feeling out process doesn’t last long as Vader shoves him into the corner and hits a hard shot to the chest before spitting at Rhodes. Dustin just charges at him and takes Vader down to hammer away. Vader covers up and Dustin rips his mask off before getting a VERY close two off a cross body. A clothesline puts Vader on the floor and another shot to the face knocks him up to the barricade. Dustin lays out Harley Race and waits for Vader inside.


Back inside and Dustin hammers Vader down in the corner before suplexing the big man like it’s nothing. Vader has had enough of being on defense and just runs Dustin over. He hammers away in the corner but Dustin avoids a splash and gets another close two off a rollup. Another body attack puts Rhodes down but he comes right back with a powerslam of all things. Vader tries to counter a sunset flip but Rhodes gets away and drives in more right hands. The referee gets a shot in the face so Vader throws Rhodes over the top and ot the floor.


Vader brings him back in and runs Dustin over with a clothesline. Two Vader Bombs get two each and Vader is getting even more angry. The referee starts a ten count on Dustin but him getting close to his feet just makes Vader even madder. He goes to the middle rope but jumps into a powerslam to put both guys down. Rhodes nails a string of clotheslines and a Bionic Elbow before a top rope lariat gets two. A middle rope DDT gets another near fall on Vader and there’s the bulldog but Harley comes in for a distraction. Vader lays Dustin out and just ends him with a wheelbarrow slam for the pin.


Rating: B+. You saw a preview of this a few shows back in the six man tag but man alive this was awesome. Dustin wasn’t going to win the match but he had the fans buying into the idea that he could pull off a miracle. He was throwing Vader around and beating the fire out of him for the first part of the match. That wheelbarrow slam made it even better.

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