Undertaker Update, A Bit More Context To The Loss

If true, this makes things a lot more understandable.Allegedly Undertaker was injured coming into the match and couldn’t move around that well.  The word on the street is that Undertaker made the call to end it because he couldn’t perform at a high enough level anymore.  I genuinely wonder if the F5 on Raw had something to do with it.  If true, there you go people that insisted they have contact before Wrestlemania.  You got what you wanted and now the Streak is over because of it.

Also Undertaker suffered a concussion/possible neck injury and was hospitalized as a result.  No word on his future or plans for tonight at all.


  1. M.R. says:

    I’m not all that bothered by it. Never agreed with those that said the streak would never end though, Taker is way too much of an old school guy to not go out on his back.

  2. deanerandterry says:

    I had a feeling that was the reason he called to end it, major props for him doing the right thing. If he can’t perform at the level he feels he should then he has no business beating Lesnar.

  3. Ken says:

    “If true, there you go people that insisted they have contact before Wrestlemania. You got what you wanted and now the Streak is over because of it.”

    What a fucking retarded thing to say.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    No it’s not. People said they needed to have contact, I told them Undertaker couldn’t handle it. If the story is true, the Streak ended because of those injuries.

    Not retarded at all.

    Ken Reply:

    No pretty retarded. You have no basis that that is the case. You’re not some magical guru who seems to know that if Taker was to take the F5 then the streak would end. Get over yourself.

    Dude I love your reviews and analysis but get off your high horse.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    I rather like the view from up here thank you. And it’s still not retarded. It’s cause and effect.

    meka3000 Reply:

    No it’s still retarded. Because you don’t know WHEN the decision to end Undertakers streak was taken into consideration. Especially given that rumor has it that Mark wanted to drop it too Lesnar back in 2010.
    You also don’t know if he wasn’t already in rough shape before that.

    Fallout Reply:

    As the guy who debated you over this and considers Taker as his favourite wrestler of all-time, allow me to say this: Taker losing the streak tonight has changed wrestling booking forever. It’s provided us with the biggest wrestling swerve since Hogan’s heel turn in 96, and it was going to be happening sooner rather than later anyway. Going to Brock is still questionable, but Brock is a reliable enough performer unlike someone like Reigns who could walk out at any moment afterwards (even if he would benefit from the rub).

    The Streak ending isn’t the end of the world. It’s still going to be regarded as a legendary streak with one of the most shocking conclusions in wrestling history.

  4. M.R. says:

    I don’t buy the story in the first place.

  5. Dark Grin says:

    I cringed at the F5 last Monday. If he’s that brittle and broken down, I’m glad it ended…. just not to a part time guy that would piss on the industry if the UFC came calling with a better deal. WWE didn’t have time to build up Cesaro for it, but Reigns would’ve worked (tho I’m not 100% sold he’s ready yet). The fans would’ve bought it and he would be a made man.

    M.R. Reply:

    Reigns already broke Kane’s Rumble record this year, let’s not engage in overkill. And to suggest it should’ve been Cesaro is laughable.

    Dark Grin Reply:

    I brought his name up because they are obviously high on him. But I did clearly say they couldn’t build him up in time. Maybe you should re-read before having a good laugh.

  6. Awesome_Miz says:

    I’m glad it was to Lesnar cause now I get to enjoy how he was okay to watch to now being the most hated S.O.B.

  7. Muffin Top Merkley says:

    Sting vs Lesnar at 31?

    Rocko Reply:


  8. Heyo says:

    I’m not surprised. Lesnar looked as good as I’ve ever seen him, but Taker was in terrible shape that night. Neither time when he tried Old School did it work, and I could flat out see him fall off the ropes the second time and Lesnar had to save him.

    It was just really sad to see, because Taker is one of the best all time performers in wrestling with many classics to his name. But it was clear watching that, that he didn’t have anything left in him. Should he have won? I’ll admit, yes. Lesnar was not the perfect candidate to win, and having HBK in WM25/26 or Triple H beating him in WM28 would have been perfect guys to win and I think people would have been OK with those guys beating him.

    Still, rumor is that Taker wanted Lesnar to be the one to beat him, and if it was truly his decision(something they HAVE to address on Raw–it’s overshadowing Bryan winning at this point to the extreme that his winning has become an afterthought) then I can respect it more than Vince wanting him to lose.

    Rocko Reply:

    Vince wouldn’t kill the streak if Taker didn’t want too (streak was money). Yeah it would have been better to lose then but Taker wasn’t ready to retire yet.

  9. Rocko says:

    This reminds me of an interview HHH did recently where he said something close too why don’t we do this or that with Taker and the reason why is Taker can’t physically take it.

    It’s sad that age finally caught up with him.

  10. Conor says:

    I don’t think it’s quite fair to use an unsubstantiated rumour to claim to be proven right. Nor to be ‘blaming’ people for the streak ending. I mean, I’m pretty sure you’re glad you got to witness it in person.

    Looking forward to your review of the show.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    It probably isn’t but I got very tired of people saying Lesnar just HAD to attack Undertaker before the show when I kept telling them Undertaker would probably get injured as a result. They got what they wanted though, meaning a worthless F5 on Raw.

    The review is over half done and, barring anything surprising, will be up soon.

    ted Reply:

    I genuinely wonder if the F5 on Raw had something to do with it. If true, there you go people that insisted they have contact before Wrestlemania. You got what you wanted and now the Streak is over because of it.”

    This is a stupid thing to say. If undertaker can’t take any physical contact he shouldn’t be in the ring period. He did the right thing and now he can go out a legend. Stop trying to find someone to blame.

  11. Marky-Marc says:

    Every wrestler loses on their to retirement. Every one of them and this is no different.

    I’ve always known that Taker would lose at Mania when he decided that it would be his last one. I didn’t expect it to be this year but I’m not complaining. I don’t mind him losing to Lesnar either as it makes Lesnar look like a killer that he is.

    No need to make him lose to someone young to elevate them it wouldn’t have elevated the, that much anyway seeing how upset everyone is about the loss to begin with.

    Awesome_Miz Reply:

    Edge would like to talk to you. Oh and he is taking his World Title he never lost with him.;)

    Rocko Reply:

    They didn’t know he was done. He was supposed to lose to Del Rio at Extreme Rules.

    Marky-Marc Reply:

    A doctor telling Edge he can never wrestle again doesn’t make me wrong and certainly doesn’t make you right. My point was that going into what is known to be their last match, the guy loses. It’s a tradition that won’t go away and fans should just appreciate what the Undertaker brought instead of complaining that he’s not going to wrestle forever.

  12. chad says:

    for those of you saying that Lesnar didn’t need that win, look at how poorly he’s been booked since being back: loss to John Cena right out of the gate and loss to HHH at last years Wrestlemania. If they want people to take him seriously as a killer they have certainly accomplished that and more, beating the streak will go a long way in erasing the Lesnar monsters shitty treatment over the past two years.

  13. chad says:

    Now Brock is perfectly poised to be the ultimate threat to anybody on the roster, making his minimal appearances mean that much more in any feud he does in the future

  14. Jordan says:

    After letting this sink in, I’m okay with Lesnar ending it. Taker looked bad throughout the whole match last night and it was obviously his choice to end the streak and give it to Brock. We have to respect Taker’s decision whether we like it or not.

    And KB, that’s a pretty outrageous thing to say. If Taker couldn’t take an F5 on Raw, how could he take 3 at Mania and come out okay? He works one match a year and can’t even stay healthy at this point, it’s just time for him to retire. Don’t blame this on the fans though, pretty ridiculous.

    Unfortunately, this diminishes hope for a Taker/Sting match but I guess we’ll find out sooner or later regardless.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    I’m not blaming it on them. I’m saying I don’t want to hear them complain about the Streak ending if the injuries had something to do with it.

  15. The Ringmaster says:

    It’s sad that he went on one year too long. He should have retired after beating Punk last year. Or even after Triple H the year before. I hate seeing icons like him look this bad. But that’s the nature of the business I guess. Also I would have liked it if they’d waited til he retired before putting Paul Bearer into the HOF so Taker could have inducted him.

  16. klunderbunker says:

    I do love it when the answer is “YOU CAN’T PROVE THAT SO YOU’RE STUPID FOR SAYING IT!”

  17. Ted says:

    Don’t pass off opinions for facts and you won’t be behaving silly or stupid.

    Nothin wrong with having an opinion but it doesn’t invalidate other peoples.

    I apologize if I seemed harsh but you seemed to be blaming fans for a descion they had no control over.