Thought of the Day: Evolution Isn’t A Mystery

This is a good sign for WWE.As I’m sure you know, Evolution (or at least most of it) reformed on Monday.  I actually don’t have an issue with this for one reason: it makes sense in the story.  I can’t count how often I’ve heard people say *insert stable here* should reform for no reason other than there are four or so people with nothing to do.  That’s not going to work and it’s the same problem with turning people for no good reason.  This team makes sense and fits the story as well as serving a purpose.  That’s a good thing and hopefully it works here, which it should.


  1. ted says:

    They exist to get a guy/guys over. I’m so glad to See management take such an interest in the shield. That they reform the triple H horsemen.

  2. M.R. says:

    As unbearable as Triple H was 2003-05, Evolution has always been a great vehicle to get guys over.