Clash of the Champions Now On WWE Network

The series is available on WWE Network in its entirety under the Vault section. There are 35 shows in the series with some of the best matches WCW ever produced included.

In case you don’t know, I’ve written an e-book of reviews for all 35 shows which is available at Amazon. It’s an in depth look at every show including reviews, background information, analysis and play by play of every match and segment in the show’s history. These reviews are all new, aren’t available on the site and can only be found in the book.

The book can be found here in America:

If you live in another country, just go to your Amazon page and search for KB’s History of Clash of the Champions. The book is under $4 or the equivalent in whatever other country. It serves as a great guide through the series in case you’re new to WCW or don’t know a lot of the background information.

Check it out and enjoy,



  1. Thriller says:

    Good bye, 70 hours of free time. I’ve been waiting for these since the Network launched.

  2. The Ringmaster says:

    I still can’t believe how amazing value for money the Network is.