WWE Releases 7 Names

The hits are coming fast and furious today.  So far the following are gone:-Evan Bourne
-Brodus Clay
-Yoshi Tatsu
-Teddy Long
-Curt Hawkins


Most of these aren’t huge shocks as Bourne, Tatsu, Camacho and Hawkins haven’t wrestled a meaningful match in forever.

Aksana…..is anyone going to miss her? SHe’s been on TV recently but it’s not like anyone is going to care.

Teddy has been around FOREVER but hasn’t meant anything recently.

Brodus is surprising as he had potential but they kept screwing up his monster push.

I’ll let you know if anyone else is gone. Also, so much for the news reports saying the company doesn’t release people anymore.


  1. Killjoy says:

    I take it Teddy finally took up a retirement package.

  2. MikeCheyne says:

    Aksana was a lousy wrestler and lousy in (most) of the roles she got, but she could have been a decent comedy character if WWE had infinite openings. She was funny on her JBL and Cole Show appearances.