Wrestler of the Day – June 6: ODB

Back to the girls with ODB.

ODB got her start around 2003 but we’ll be picking her up in OVW in a three way match on October 15, 2006.

Women’s Title: Beth Phoenix vs. ODB vs. Katie Lea

Beth is defending. I always forget how good looking Katie is. There’s barely any contact made for the first minute until Beth gets double teamed down. A double hiptoss puts Beth down again but as is always the case in a threeway, ODB goes after Katie like a dolt. Beth is right back up and we get into the three way brawl again.

Katie gets two with a small package on ODB and a rollup gets the same. Now Beth steals a pin of her own but ODB is all ticked off. The fall away slam from ODB gives Beth a two count, so ODB rams her ten times into her crotch in the corner (it’s the turnbuckle but the crotch is funnier or something). We take a break and come back with ODB holding Katie in a bearhug and Beth down in the corner. A swinging neckbreaker on Beth gives ODB another two count but Katie makes the save.

That doesn’t please ODB so she puts Katie in the Tree of Woe before sending Beth face first into Katie with a drop toehold. We get the triple sleeper spot which goes nowhere as always. Beth rips a turnbuckle pad off but gets slammed down by both challengers. She can’t get a chair in but Katie can get a side slam on ODB for two. ODB goes up and the other girls fight over who gets to slam her down.

They finally settle on a Tower of Doom with Beth powerbombing Katie who superplexes ODB. Beth gets two on Katie but Lea sends Beth out to the floor. The champion picks up the title and knocks Katie silly but ODB makes a last second save. Beth lifts ODB up in a fireman’s carry but Serena runs in to spear Phoenix down for a DQ. In a triple threat?

Rating: B-. Good stuff here until the odd ending. I’m guessing they were hoping to keep the challengers strong, but there comes a point in a fifteen minute match where they’re not going to lose anything by not picking up the title. This was a solid match and yet more proof that there are good looking women who can have good matches.

Another OVW match, from some point in the first five months of 2007.

ODB vs. Melody

Melody would become as much of a blonde bombshell as you can get, though she has purple hair here. ODB comes out with a glittery cooler and her Miss OVW sash. Women’s Champion Katie Lea sits in on commentary to brag about manipulating Melody and hating ODB. ODB runs over Melody to start but misses a charge in the corner. A bad looking elbow to the back of the head gets two for Melody and she puts on a choke.

ODB fights back and runs Melody over as Katie brags about being the toughest English wrestler in the world. A fall away slam puts Melody down and ODB sits on the top rope for ten rams into the buckle (which was supposed to look like her crotch because that’s funny). ODB’s middle rope Thesz Press gets the pin.

Rating: D. This was just storyline stuff for the ODB showdown with Katie Lea where ODB would take the title. Melody was there for how she looked in shorts instead of anything resembling skill, making her perfect for a women’s wrestler at this point. Nothing to the match but it did what it was supposed to do.

ODB would head to TNA in late 2007 with one of her first singles matches coming on January 17, 2008’s Impact.

ODB vs. Angelina Love

The idea here should be obvious. ODB jumps Love as she comes in and hammers away, much to the crowd’s delight. A kick to the face looks to set up a Thesz Press off the middle rope but Angelina notices the flying ODB and steps to the side. Angelina gets two off a jawbreaker and the Botox Injection (not yet named) gets two. ODB comes back with a powerslam for the pin out of nowhere.

Rating: D+. ODB’s charisma helped here and thankfully this was still a fresh match at the time. Angelina was still figuring out her character at this point but she had the tight tops and pants down already. ODB would get a nice push in the coming months and was already #1 contender at this point.

Here’s her title shot, at Against All Odds 2008.

Knockouts Title: ODB vs. Awesome Kong

They pull each others’ hair and ODB tries a slam which fails completely. ODB hits the floor and Raisha Saed, Kong’s mouthpiece, gets in her face. Back in and ODB is sent into the corner and a splash crushes her big old boobs. Out to the floor again with Kong in control but her knee is hurting. ODB grabs her boobs which is enough to wake her up somehow.

This is dull as all goodness if you didn’t get that. Kong tries the powerbomb but ODB fights her off and sits on the top rope. Kong hits the spinning backfist to the head and we’re back on the mat again. Thesz Press is caught so ODB, who isn’t a small girl by any means, tries a dropkick. The Thesz Press from the middle rope gets her down though but she still can’t slam Kong. Implant Buster gets two.

ODB nips up to avoid a middle rope splash and slams Kong for two. Gee maybe if it was bigger than a slam it would have worked. She gets a shot from her flask to wake her up. ODB can’t put Kong down still though. She hits Saed though and there’s the spinning backfist and the Awesome Bomb from Kong to retain.

Rating: D-. This was sloppy, dull, not interesting and just weak overall. They tried but the similarity of styles hurt it too much. You need power vs. speed rather than power vs. power. It took the Beautiful People to stop Kong and they were a breath of air into the division. This was pretty weak though.

With ODB being the uncouth one, she would be put in a feud with the Beautiful People. This set up a Bimbo Brawl, meaning a street fight, at Bound For Glory 2008.

ODB/Rhaka Khan/Rhyno vs. Beautiful People/Cute Kip

Traci Brooks is referee here and comes out to a cover of Rag Doll by Aerosmith. Just Skye and Love at this point. This is a Bimbo Brawl apparently. You know because 6 person tag is just too hard to say I guess. Kip gets in the face of a Detroit Tiger who is in Chicago just because I guess. ODB and Velvet start us off.

West tries to convince us that Rhyno and Kip are very similar physically. And people wonder why he was replaced. Genders can intertwine here apparently. Basically the Beautiful People keep trying to get various shots in, none of which work. Everyone keeps hiding from Khan other than Kip. Both of them go for chokeslams. She grabs his balls as this is going absolutely nowhere.

Khan is really bad in the ring to put it mildly. Why does ODB think she’s hot? Makeup box to ODB’s head sends her to the floor. ODB spanks herself to get fired up for…a tag. Thankfully the guys come in as the girls just aren’t that good at this point. Fameasser is blocked as Rhyno just stands up and Gores Kip to end it.

Rating: F+. And that’s only for Velvet’s boobs. This was just boring as all goodness with six minutes of the girls doing nothing, leaving Rhyno as the best person in there. Let that sink in for a bit. Just a bad match that never did anything at all of note. At least it was short I guess.

Around this time, ODB would get a boyfriend in the form of Cody Deaner, who won a contest to spend a night with her. This led to exactly what you would expect, which we’ll get back to later. While not champion yet, ODB was one of the most over Knockouts on the roster and would be entered in the Queen of the Cage match at Lockdown 2009.

Madison Rayne vs. Sojourner Bolt vs. ODB vs. Daffney

This is Queen of the Cage which I think is just a fatal fourway for the name Queen of the Cage. Rayne is fairly new here. Apparently the winner gets a title shot. Deaner is with ODB. Daffney was the Governor recently as TNA decided to have a Sarah Palin character. ODB gets some Liquid Courage to make things all good. There’s an album pitch in there somewhere.

I’m pretty sure this is just the first fall wins it. Yeah that’s what it is according to West. Everyone beats down ODB and then the other three have a little thing. Deaner slips the flask through the cage to her which fires her way up. Daffney hits a Moss Covered Three Handled Family Credenza on Bolt. More drinking from ODB which is spat into Bolt’s face and a powerslam ends it.

Rating: D. Yeah I hated this. It was like six minutes long and was based around the joke of her more or less being an alcoholic. This was a waste of time and the ending was about as clear as a glass of water. Deaner and the whole white trash angle made Noble and Nidia look good. Not a fan of these matches at all.

Her title shot came at Hard Justice 2009.

Knockout Title: Velvet Sky/Angelina Love vs. Cody Deaner/ODB

Ok so Angelina is champion here and it’s a tag match with a guy fighting for the women’s title. Just go with it. Madison is with the blondes here. Angelina and ODB start us off here This is a rather basic match here and Angelina looks far better with fewer tattoos on her arm. Velvet comes in and do you really think it matters what goes on in this? Deaner comes in and spanks Velvet a bit.

Angelina comes in and gets a quick two on ODB. The heels take over as you would expect them to here. Velvet is rather red from the spanking. I didn’t need the image of Deaner doing that. Seated dropkick gets two for Angelina. Deaner comes back in and kisses both blondes. Make that all three of them as Madison takes some tongue apparently. The girls finally get it together and beat up Cody, only for him to avoid some hairspray from Madison and roll up Velvet for the pin and the title for ODB. Deaner would claim he was the real champion, because that’s how TNA rolls.

Rating: D. Yeah this was a mess. Velvet is hot as is Angelina, but ODB and Deaner were the focus here and I don’t see the need to have Deaner involved here at all. I think this led to Madison being tossed out of the team but that could have been done in a singles match also. Weak match and a stupid angle.

The title would be stripped soon, setting up ODB vs. Deaner at No Surrender 2009.

Knockout Title: Cody Deaner vs. ODB

Oh and these two used to date. That needs to be thrown in for no apparent reason. Naturally it’s a comedy match with ODB dominating. Low blow doesn’t work on ODB of course because she doesn’t have balls. Out to the floor and she dives on Deaner to take him down. Deaner isn’t allowed to punch her apparently which wasn’t announced but the referee says so and that’s law I guess.

Deaner slams her as this turns into ever other man vs. woman match with the guy doing very basic stuff to her and it’s supposed to be all devastating and no one cares. Deaner gets a shot from the flask so ODB grabs him by the balls as he comes off the middle rope. Thesz Press gets two for ODB and I remember watching this match, thinking if not begging that they wouldn’t let Deaner have the belt. Deaner and the referee argue into a rollup for two by ODB. There’s a comedy spot on a sunset flip and we’re finally done after a TKO to give ODB the title.

Rating: C-. Not a terrible match but the joke sucked and I don’t know how many people cared about ODB at the end of the day. At least she has the title and breasts which is the point of the title. Anyway pretty weak match here but it was at least somewhat competitive which is all you can ask for at times.

ODB would be champion heading into Bound For Glory 2009 with Deaner gone thank goodness.

Knockouts Title: Tara vs. ODB vs. Awesome Kong

ODB has beaten both of them already so we’ll just do it one more time I guess. Should be noted that this is the 5th match on the card, the fifth title match and the fifth match that isn’t a standard one on one or tag match. Think they’re overdoing anything here? Tara’s legs are awesome if nothing else. I never got the appeal of the ODB character at all.

Kong jumps both girls immediately but Tara goes right for her. And so much for that theory as Kong just crushes them. Middle rope splash misses both of them though and we get the rather sexy shirt rip off from Tara. She’d wear these tiny shorts and a Tapout shirt which she’d rip off to more or less reveal a half shirt. The faces fight over who gets the pin as it’s pure formula stuff here but FAR better than the Legends Title match.

Tara hooks the Tarantula but Kong makes the save, which isn’t really a save as you can’t get a submission there but you get the point. Tara gets into it with some fan that might be legit but I’m not sure. Upon further review it was Randy Couture’s wife who had wanted to do an MMA fight with Tara. All planned but TNA messed up the shot and didn’t see it. Why does this not surprise me?

Back in the ring Kong hits the middle rope splash on ODB, covering the entire front row in silicone. It gets two though as Tara makes the save. Implant Buster gets two as ODB kicks out on her own. Saed comes out and throws in a chair but Kong says no. She goes for a powerbomb on ODB and Saed slides the chair in again but ODB reverses into a face plant to the chair for the pin. Nice ending.

Rating: C-. Not a great match or anything but FAR better than the other one. There was a story and flow here rather than in the Legends match where nothing had any purpose it seemed. Everything worked here and while it’s not great it’s certainly watchable. Not bad here and definitely ok.

ODB would lose the title to Tara at Final Resolution. With everything changing in TNA, ODB would get a rematch for the title on the January 4, 2010 Impact.

Knockouts Title: ODB vs. Tara

It’s a brawl to start as ODB takes a shot from the flask. Tara stops her in the corner with an elbow before dropping ODB with a running clothesline. Some kicks to the ribs have ODB in trouble and a slam sets up the standing moonsault for two. Tara hooks a Tarantula followed by a slingshot flip legdrop and MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW DIXIE ON TWITTER! ODB counters the Black Widow into a rollup with tights (complete with going to a crowd shot when she pulled too far) for the pin and the title.

Here’s the rematch from Genesis 2010.

Knockouts Title: Tara vs. ODB

This is 2/3 falls which makes sense as they’ve had a match or two before and you can’t have the same match again as we had a few weeks ago and then ask people to pay for it. THAT WOULD MAKE NO SENSE! That Broken song is AWESOME. There’s not a ton going on in the first few minutes here as it’s just them going back and forth.

This is the problem with 2/3 falls matches: you don’t have to really pay attention until the second fall, which is starting right now as Tara hooks a small package for the first fall. Tara hooks the tarantula. Not a lot is going on here at all. We get a great shot of Tara’s hips to make this match much better. Brooke shot number 6. This time she’s with Joey Fatone.

If TNA insists on the celebrity thing, get celebrities that have mattered this millennium. ODB uses the freaking Tumbleweed. Are we in the mid 70s all of a sudden? She pulls something out of her cleavage to be odd before hitting a powerslam for two. This is kind of meandering along and needs to end soon. ODB keeps touching herself and checking her pulse. It’s freaking stupid looking. And the Widow’s Peak ends it. The timing was pretty good if nothing else. What is up with the freaking spider???

Rating: C-. Not great here as the 2/3 falls thing felt way too much like a gimmick for the sake of having a gimmick which I can If never advocate. Tara winning the title is fine, but she didn’t need to get two straight wins to do it. That was overkill which is never a good thing.

ODB would leave TNA for awhile before returning in 2011 as part of an alliance with Jacqueline because what would wrestling be without Jacqueline? Here’s one match from the pairing so we can move on to ANYTHING else. From July 7, 2011 on Impact.

Velvet Sky vs. ODB/Jackie

If Velvet wins, the two annoying girls leave TNA, despite technically not being in it right now. Velvet comes in through the crowd with a chair and takes out Jackie with a shot to the back. She and ODB start us off and Velvet is dominating. Jackie gets back in and the numbers start catching up with Velvet. We finally get down to regular tagging and never mind that as we’re back to the two on one at once. ODB tries to bring the chair back in but hits Jackie by mistake. A DDT by Velvet pins Jackie at 5:00.

Rating: D. The only good thing here was that ODB and Jackie are allegedly out of TNA now. The match wasn’t anything more than an ending to this story (I hope) and other than that it was just bad. Velvet isn’t that great in the ring and on her own she’s not capable of much physically other than looking good. Bad match.

Next up was a love story with Eric Young, leading to the two of them getting a Knockouts Tag Team Title shot because that’s how comedy in TNA works.

Knockout Tag Titles: ODB/Eric Young vs. Rosita/Sarita

The wedding is April 12. Oh great. Eric and Rosita start us off but Eric tags out to ODB with no contact. She takes Rosita down and misses the Bronco Buster. Sarita comes in and doesn’t do much so it’s back to Rosita. She takes a kick in the chest and a “spear” to set up the tag to Young. He does some cartwheels and takes off his pants. The girls hit on Eric and ODB gets mad about it. ODB cleans house and hits the Bam on Rosita before asking where Eric’s ring is. He can’t produce it so she kisses him and puts Eric on top of Rosita for the pin at 4:20.

Rating: F. I hate it I hate it I hate it. I HATE this angle and we’re going to have to put up with it for the next freaking month because we need COMEDY on this show because there’s so much going on we can’t even get the TV Champion on the show already, but we need time to have Eric strip every week.

Despite being a champion, ODB would barely wrestle. She would still be half of the Tag Champions when she had this match on October 18, 2012’s Impact.

Tara vs. ODB

Non-title and ODB yells at Eric on the phone for not being here. She’s still on the phone during her entrance. ODB grabs Tara and pounds away to start. Apparently Tessmacher gets a rematch next week. ODB puts her ring in her picket which can’t be a good thing. She slams Tara down and talks to Eric on the phone some more. Jesse gets his face shoved in ODB’s chest and it’s back to the phone. Tara keeps pulling ODB’s hair and let’s stop for more kissing. ODB takes a shot from the flak, spits it at Jesse, and hits the Bam for the pin at 3:14.

Rating: D. I hated this. I hate reality TV, I hate alcohol, I thought the phone thing was stupid, and I hate the booking of having the new champion lose four days after the title change. Oh and I hate women’s wrestling in general. Nothing to see here and I don’t care about anything that just happened.

Thankfully the titles would be stripped and retired in June 2013. ODB would only wrestle a handful of times in 2013, including this match at Hardcore Justice 2013.

Mickie James vs. ODB vs. Gail Kim

This is a hardcore match and not for Mickie’s title. ODB runs them over to start and hits her chest grabbing splashes on both girls in the corner. Mickie pulls her out of the corner but Gail isn’t interested in an alliance. Gail pounds on ODB as Mickie wedges a chair into the corner. ODB is whipped into said chair and the other girls get a stereo two count. Mickie rolls up Gail for two and they slug it out with until Gail is sent to the floor. Kim sends ODB back inside and goes to look for a weapon but gets a knee from Mickie instead.

James finds a kendo stick from somewhere and cracks ODB over the back before choking Gail with it. ODB comes back in and pounds on them with the stick before pulling one of her two bras out of the top to choke both girls with it. Mickie gets in a shot and puts on the figure four around the post as Gail chokes away but they can’t get along again. ODB gets a shot from the flask and sprays Mickie in the face but Gail breaks up the Bam. Another stick shot misses and ODB hits the Bam on Gail on the chair for the pin at 6:48.

Rating: D+. Did you know ODB was uncouth and does stuff that isn’t proper or whatever you call it? Don’t worry if you don’t because TNA will beat it over your head until you get the idea. The match was nothing special and felt more like a WWE style street fight with the really basic weapons and little more.

That and a few other wins were enough to get ODB a Knockouts Title shot on September 19, 2013’s Impact.

Knockouts Title: ODB vs. Mickie James

Mickie is defending. ODB easily turns back a sneak attack and pounds away on Mickie but gets dropkicked down for two. Mickie charges into an elbow in the corner but she pulls ODB down off the middle rope to take over. A spear puts Mickie down for two more and there’s the fall away slam to send Mickie to the floor. She wants a timeout but trips ODB up, catching her inside the ring skirt as we take a break.

Back with Mickie getting two off a neckbreaker and catching a charging ODB with a boot to the jaw. A hurricanrana out of the corner is countered into an ODB powerbomb to put both girls down. They slug it out with ODB taking over and putting Mickie down with a clothesline. Back up and a suplex is good for two on the champion but she catches ODB with a spinning kick to the face to take over again. Mickie loads up a tornado DDT out of the corner, only to have ODB counter it into the Bam for the pin and the title at 10:55.

Rating: C-. The match was ok but how many times can we have the same pairings over and over again in this division? Mickie is apparently leaving after this match, so who in the world is ODB supposed to fight now? Velvet? Brooke? Are either of them even active wrestlers at this point?

We’ll wrap this up at Final Resolution 2013 as ODB has lost the title but is out for revenge on Gail Kim’s monster Lei’D Tapa.

Gail Kim/Lei’D Tapa vs. ODB/Madison Rayne

Tapa throws Madison down to start so it’s off to ODB for the power showdown. ODB gets slammed with ease and it’s off to Gail as the announcers talk about a kickboxing show. The champion lays in some kicks before it’s back to Tapa for some choking. Tapa misses a charge in the corner and it’s off to Madison for some house cleaning. ODB is sent to the floor but Madison counters Eat Defeat into a backslide for the pin at 5:50.

Rating: D+. This was what it was. Madison is a good hand to have back and the new looks works very well for her, but bringing in one new girl isn’t going to help the division’s long term problems. Tapa continues to bore me to death every time I see her. She’s big and different looking and that’s the end of her appeal.

ODB is the epitome of a one note character that appeals to the lowest common denomenator. She can have some decent matches though and is full of charisma, which is more than I can say about most of the division. At the end of the day though, she suffers from the same problem all of the Knockouts have: we’ve seen all of these matches a dozen times, making it hard to get involved in the feuds again.

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