Money in the Bank 2014 Preview

Money in the Bank is tomorrow night and while it’s going to shape a lot of things going forward, my interest is only kind of there. The card has been upgraded a bit over the last few days though so maybe there’s something in there to make me care. Let’s get to it.

Daniel Bryan is on the preshow. I don’t expect much from this but it’s always cool to see him and we might get an idea on his return date.

I’m going to go in a bit different order this time and get the obvious and unimportant matches out of the way.

Rusev beats Big E. Again. Not much to say there.

I don’t think Naomi takes the title yet but she’ll be champion someday. Paige is starting to reach the point where she could drop the belt though.

Goldust and Stardust win as there’s no way they lose this early in their run. It’s a shame that Ryback and Axel have been stuck in this feud instead of getting a title shot.

I’ll flip a coin and say Summer beats Layla. It’ll be a nice view if nothing else. Fandango is guest referee and playing Charlie Haas to Dawn Marie and Jackie Gayda.

The Wyatts take the Tag Titles so the evening isn’t a total loss for the Family. I fully expect the title change but I wouldn’t be furious if the Usos kept the belts. They’ve had a nice reign though and it’s time for a switch.

Now we get to the big ones, where things are obvious in theory but that might be the time for a surprise. I’ll go Rollins to win the briefcase and give Ambrose something to chase besides revenge. It looks like Barrett is out or else he would have been my dark horse to win. Rollins and Ambrose will have some fun moments in there.

The logical move is Cena winning the title so he can be fed to Lesnar at Summerslam, but that DVD cover could change a lot of things. WWE has this weird obsession with the idea that people won’t watch if they can predict something. I get the theory behind that, but it doesn’t hold up when you actually test it. People are going to watch Cena vs. Lesnar because they’re two huge stars and had a great match already. Knowing it’s coming a month earlier than it’s announced isn’t going to change that. Hopefully it doesn’t lead to some swerve that doesn’t make sense and isn’t necessary.

Overall Money in the Bank should be fun but it doesn’t have my interest for the most part. The ladder matches will be good but the rest of the show doesn’t do much for me. That could be because there are fifteen guys in two matches and no personal feud between most of them but why would we need anything like that? The show is usually good and it gets us closer to Summerslam so maybe it works. It doesn’t look bad and WWE ppvs have been good lately so hopefully it pulls through.

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  1. M.R. says:

    A Cena/Brock rematch at Summerslam for the title? Yeah I could get behind that.

  2. Killjoy says:

    Wouldn’t wanna see Cena vs Lesnar. Not that it would be bad. Obviously their last match phenomenal. But Lesnar is a guy with limited appearances. He spent a year wasted against Triple H. Out of that, the only other people he fought were Punk, Cena and Big Show (the fuck?). Why go with Cena again to face Brock with so many rising stars today? It seems like a waste of a rub to me. Yeah, whoever has the title will likely drop it. But why not go with someone else and hope we get the same thing we’ve gotten out of Lesnar vs Cena or Lesnar vs Punk?

    Rocko Reply:

    They probably had Lesnar lined up to face Bryan so this might be the backup plan (just a guess). I’m assuming Lesnar is going to win the title so you can’t have Reigns win the title then lose immediately. I guess you could have Sheamus instead of Cena but he hasn’t been a big fixture as of late.

    They could do Cesaro but I think they will hold off on that.

  3. Heyo says:

    I want to see Reign vs. Lesnar.

    That is all.

    FauladKaAulad Reply:

    Reigns is no where close to ready for this

  4. Jay H. (the real one) says:

    I don’t understand why people think Roman Reigns & Cesaro are ready to be Champion right now. Other than the fact that people have zero patience for anything these days.

  5. Jordan says:

    Lesnar only has one option after defeating Taker at Mania: winning the belt at Summerslam. You don’t wanna give the belt to any of the young guys because they will have to lose it very quickly. Everyone will moan and groan but Cena is the most logical choice with a big money match at Summerslam and he loses nothing if he loses to Brock, and it makes Brock’s title win even bigger. I don’t know how they’ll do it but Brock really shouldn’t lose the belt until Mania to build the next star. If Brock doesn’t have a great title reign, it will make The Streak accomplishment look weaker.

    As for the actual MITB match, I’ll go with Barrett if he somehow competes but if not I gotta go with Ambrose or Rollins. It’d be a great thing to add to their feud and they could possibly put the briefcase on the line in a future match.