Reviewing the Review – Money in the Bank 2014

Over the years Money in the Bank has been one of the more reliable shows on the PPV….er I mean Special Event calendar. The ladder matches were clearly going to dominate this show and the rest of the stuff on the card was just there to fill in the gaps left by having fourteen people in two matches. Let’s get to it.

The pre-show saw Daniel Bryan return for an interview to talk about his status. The update wasn’t too promising: his arms aren’t getting their strength back and there’s talk about a second operation. If that’s the case, word on the street has him out another six months to a year. That’s a horrible situation but I’d much rather have him out that long and able to walk when he’s forty than get another year of matches. Bo Dallas came out and told Bryan to Bo-lieve which led nowhere.

The opening PPV match was an awesome back and forth fight with the Usos retaining the titles against the Wyatts. Both teams looked awesome out there and it’s the kind of match where the Wyatts don’t lose face by not winning the belts. The near falls in this were very hot and the fans got way into things as a result. A hot tag match is usually the best option for an opener and this was no exception. Luke Harper continues to be as awesome as you can be while still being a Bruiser Brody inspired lackey to a Louisiana cult leader. Really solid stuff here and I’d be fine with a rematch.

Ambrose continued his awesome streak of promos by wondering if he should use a ladder to get the briefcase or crush Rollins’ face. Dean is just feeling it right now and is one step off, making him all the more interesting to watch. The showdown is going to be white hot when it happens.

Naomi and Paige tried to do something different in the Divas Title match with some nice athletic stuff, but at the end of the day this was more about Cameron and Naomi’s impending split. You know, because we’re supposed to care about Cameron because she’s a STAR. The match was fine but nothing I’m going to remember two days later. Actually that’s true as I had to read the description to remember what happened.

Damien Sandow was Paul Revere and got beaten up by Adam Rose. I guess they were seven minutes short or something.

Before the briefcase match, we got some old school style interviews from the participants talking about how they were going to win. I loved these as they take like fifteen seconds apiece and give you a quick look at each person. Why haven’t these been a regular thing in twenty years?

Seth Rollins won the Money in the Bank briefcase in a good and entertaining match. Well entertaining most of the time at least as some of the high spots had me terrified. Thankfully no one seemed to be too badly banged up as a result. The main story was of course Rollins vs. Ambrose as their showdown continues to look awesome. After leaving with a shoulder injury, Ambrose came back and almost won the case, but Kane ran interference to give Rollins the win.

It’s such a simple idea but more importantly than that, IT MAKES SENSE. Kane works for the organization Rollins is a part of, so why wouldn’t he come down to help? It also sets up a potential match for Dean against Kane, though hopefully it’s on a Smackdown or something so that it doesn’t take up a ton of time. The rest of the match was nothing special and no one really stood out, save for Swagger for some power stuff at times.

Goldust/Stardust beat Ryback/Curtis Axel in the same match they’ve had multiple times now. Another TV match.

Rusev beat Big E. Again. It was slightly better than their last effort but it didn’t make things any more interesting.

Layla beat Summer Rae with Fandango as guest referee. Fandango is a lucky man and that’s about it.

Cena won the title again in another ladder match. The ending was exactly what it should have been, but I would have liked the challengers to do a little big more on the way to the obvious ending. Cena had to win given how things are looking heading into Summerslam so I’m fine with that. Would it have hurt them to let Wyatt and Cesaro not look like such afterthoughts though?

Post match Cena was called the greatest WWE Champion of all time. This made me roll my eyes, though I get why they say it. For those of you that aren’t up on your history, the statement isn’t laughable but it’s certainly not correct.

Overall Money in the Bank’s big matches worked but it felt more like a formality than a show you needed to see. The ladder matches were both good and entertaining enough for the $10 (something I skipped: the announcers were HAMMERING in the idea of getting the Network. It seems clear that the PPV providers are about to be gone in full very fast. Not a surprise at all when you think about it though) but the other matches save for the tag match were horrible or totally meaningless. That’s not a great selling point for a big show.

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  1. Jordan says:

    I know a lot of people really enjoyed the tag title match, as it was well structured & had potential to be very good. But for me, the Usos are just so sloppy with everything they do that I just can’t enjoy their matches. (even the breaking up the pin attempt after the double team looked sloppy as fuck)

    For one their top rope splashes are the worst, they get zero height & basically just fall off the top with no grace nor any real impact.
    Secondly, those running superkicks they attempted last night looked awful & didnt reach past harpers mid section.
    Finally, the Uso who keeps trying to emulate Jeff Hardy, please STOP. Your attempt at running the barricade last night was laughable & your whisper in the wind again never gets any height.

    Finally, wwe announcers please stop saying the usos running butt bump into the corner is a tribute to thier father- Rikishi is their father & he didnt do the move like that (his opponent would be standing against the corner), it is their uncle Umaga who did that move!

  2. M.R. says:

    What’s the PPV situation as it stands? Have either Dish or DirecTV ceased carrying it?

    klunderbunker Reply:

    I don’t think so but they’re dangling.

    Heyo Reply:

    I think DirecTV did drop them at one point, I think, after Elimination Chamber.

  3. Rocko says:

    I think they hammered the network due to this being the sixth month since it launched (maybe next month, can’t remember) which means renewals are right around the corner.

    Marky-Marc Reply:

    This could very well be. Although my buddy and I were thinking they were pushing the Network a bit more because earlier in the show, Lawler misspoke and said the Network was $9.95 a month, therefore making them cover it up by saying $ 9.99 about 20 more times.

  4. #MrScissorsKick says:

    I was at Payback this year as you know, I felt like MITB this year was a step back in terms of excitement and entertainment than past MITB shows. Agree/Disagree?

    Payback > MITB