Thought of the Day: Pick One

Regarding the WWE Network.

On Raw, WWE hyped up an airing of Summerslam 1998 this Sunday night. That’s fine and a good idea as it’s an awesome show, but at the same time, why would I want to tune in at a specific time for one show when I could pull it up and watch it at any given time? With the full PPV library on demand, it makes these sort of specials kind of a waste of time. The same is true for people watching the live stream. I missed Wrestlemania Rewind tonight, but I know I can watch it any time I want. It defeats the intended purpose. Either have the library available on demand (far better option) or stop hyping these airings up as a huge deal.

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  1. M.R. says:

    They’d be better off airing the four Raws leading up to the 1998 Summerslam to give some backstory before you go to the Vault and watch it.

  2. MikeCheyne says:

    I agree that in principle that it’s screwy, but I think it appeals to a sort of middlebrow demographic–I have a friend who enjoys wrestling and will watch anything you put in front of him, but he’s not overly interested in hunting down PPV’s, trying to find out what’s great or the order, etc. So this sort of stuff would appeal to him–what would make even more sense is if this was like a “special edition” airing–as the previous commentator said, show the Raws leading up, get some interviews with the main participants, etc.

  3. Travis Green says:

    That is strange. You’d think they’d add commentary from the superstars or something to make It somewhat special.