Thought of the Day: Never Ever?

This is more of something I looked up rather than an idea.As far as I can find, Booker T. and Shawn Michaels never had a one on one match.  I know Booker was on Smackdown for awhile, but you would think it would have happened once or twice over the years.


  1. Sroxy says:

    They were apparently supposed to be the original choices for the Battle of the Billionaires match at WM 23 before HHH got injured and Shawn was sent to the Main Event.
    If that were true and had happened, it would have made that match 10x more memorable

  2. Marky-Marc says:

    If HHH had let Booker win the World Title at WM 19, there was definitely a good summer feud with Shawn waiting to happen beofre you moved it on to Goldberg.