Thought of the Day: The Hardest Working Man In The Business Today

It’s not who you would expect.It’s Michael Cole.  Last night he was added to the Main Event announce team, putting him on PPV, Raw, Smackdown and Main Event, plus whatever interviews he has to do for  When you consider all the stuff he has to deal with as he’s doing commentary (as in the voices in his ear and all the stuff he has to plug) and how much content he has to produce every week, it’s really a shame that he gets all the flack he does.  The guy works HARD and that’s far more than you can say about some people.


  1. Nodog says:

    He is also a good play-by-play guy and is a perfect foil for JBL. Now if they could just fire Lawler….

  2. Ted says:

    He gets no sympathy from me. He’s still terrible and not the guy to call big matches in my opinion.

  3. MikeCheyne says:

    Cole works extremely hard, I don’t anyone would (or should) deny that. He works a bit too much in that I think he shouldn’t be doing Smackdown and definitely shouldn’t be doing Main Event–I thought Smackdown had a nice groove when it was Josh/JBL, more so because there’s only so many different things the same guy can say on every show.

    Anyway, I like Cole. He’s improved his game over the years and it’s unfair to compare him to JR–I think comparing him to announcer Vince is fine and he’s within that range. I’d like to see him more just sort of generic dork babyface commentator–getting mad at heels and being excited about stuff as opposed to trying to make jokes with JBL.

  4. M.R. says:

    Never said he didn’t work hard, but the flack is well deserved.

  5. Killjoy says:

    There was a leaked video of him arguing over the headset regarding how many times he’d plug the App. Saying “I’ve literally plugged the damn thing 30 already. You want me to keep going?” I think it was on Botchamania, but it just shows how controlling WWE is. The dudes got iron patience.