Wrestler of the Day – August 24: Kurrgan

Today is one of my guilty pleasures in wrestling: Kurrgan.

Allegedly Kurrgan started in 1990 but I can’t find anything earlier than 1997. He was part of the Truth Commission stable in Memphis, including this match on February 22, 1997.

Truth Commission vs. Super Hysteria/TD Steele

This is a regular tag match with the Commission being comprised of the Interrogator (Kurrgan) and Tank (Mantaur from the mid 90s). Tank works over Steele’s arm to start and plants him with a big slam. Off to Interrogator for a slam of his own but he misses an elbow drop, allowing for the tag to Hysterio. Tank comes back in and puts on a chinlock but it’s quickly back to Interrogator for a headbutt. A big boot is enough for a fast pin on Hysteria.

It was off to the WWF with basically the same gimmick but with Sniper and Recon instead of Tank and whoever else was used in Memphis. Here they are on Shotgun Saturday Night, November 15, 1997.

Dave Dalton/Larry Bruun vs. Jackyl/Interrogator

Jackyl is the manager but sits in on commentary to make this a handicap match. Interrogator runs over I believe Larry to start before it’s quickly off to Dalton (who looks like CM Punk) for about the same result. Both jobbers try to pick up Interrogator at the same time and it has about the same expect you would expect. Kurrgan slams Larry down and catches Dalton in midair. A double clothesline is countered into a double Boss Man Slam and now Jackyl is willing to come in for a double pin.

Rating: D. Total squash here and that’s all it was supposed to be. Jackyl was supposed to be a big deal soon after this, possibly even being revealed as the Higher Power. The Interrogator scared me when I was younger and it’s easy to see why. He looked totally unstoppable and Jackyl made it even better.

From two weeks later on the same show.

Kurrgan vs. Hardy Boys

Jeff’s dropkick and Matt’s cross body are easily countered and Jeff is tossed off the top, landing right on his brother’s face. A few stomps set up a double clothesline (with one arm) drops the Hardys and the Claw launches Jeff against the ropes. The regular Claw is enough to knock Matt out in a hurry.

Kurrgan’s singles debut was on Raw, December 8, 1997.

Kurrgan vs. Flash Funk

Jackyl is on commentary here and he talks about how tonight is the start of a revolution. This is the same kind of monster dominance that you would expect. Kurrgan pounds Funk down, Funk gets in a few shots, the Claw ends Funk quickly.

Another singles match, against a guy who had some very low level success. From Shotgun on January 25, 1998.

Michael Modest vs. Kurrgan

There’s no Jackyl this week for some reason. Something resembling an AA puts Modest down and a big boot does so even worse. There’s a Boss Man Slam for good measure and the Claw is good for the win.

The Truth Commission would continue it’s wars with the gangs, including this match on Raw, February 23, 1998.

Disciples of Apocalypse vs. Truth Commission

Well at least it’s not Los Boricuas. That feud would go on FOREVER. The rosters are Skull, 8-Ball and Chainz vs. Kurrgan, Sniper and Recon. Jackyl is the manager of the Truth Commission and would be gone soon. Chainz vs. Recon starts us off. None of these guys are guys that you would want to see wrestling the majority of a match so we’re kind of stuck here.

The twins get a double back elbow to Recon as the crowd is deader than something that is rather dead. All DOA so far. One of the worst big boots ever by Chainz puts Recon down again. Kurrgan finally comes in and shrugs off Skull and 8-Ball. A big boot and the Paralyzer (Claw) ends 8-Ball via a pin.

Rating: D-. Boring match on all accounts. These gangs never worked at all but they kept up with it time after time. Kurrgan would be a comedy guy rather soon as this Truth Commission idea (how many people actually got what it was referencing anyway) would go away, as would Jackyl.

We do get a singles match in here from Raw on March 30, 1998.

Kurrgan vs. Chainz

There’s a rift in DX apparently. Vince is still here but is pacing around in the parking lot. All Kurrgan here to start as he no sells clotheslines. He drills Chainz with a lariat but a shoulder in the corner misses. Big boot doesn’t work for Chainz but one by Kurrgan does. Claw ends this in like two minutes. He doesn’t let go of the hold and drags Chainz to the back with it.

Kurrgan would turn face and join the Oddities stable soon after this. Basically they were a freak show that liked to dance. Here’s one of his earlier matches on Raw, August 24, 1998.

Marc Mero vs. Kurrgan

Sable dances with the Oddities pre match. No Jackie this week. She’d be at Summerslam for a mixed tag though. Mero asks the Oddities to leave which they do willingly. Kurrgan overpowers him down and dances a bit. Mero goes for the knee until Kurrgan picks him up and hits what we would call a Punjabi Plunge. Jackie runs through the crowd and beats down Sable as Mero hits Kurrgan low for the DQ. This was pointless.
Here’s the biggest match of the Oddities’ run, from Summerslam 1998.

Insane Clown Posse plays the Oddities to the ring to a HUGE reaction.

Oddities vs. Kaientai

The Oddities are Golga (Earthquake under a mask), Giant Silva (Great Khali’s size and about a tenth of the skill) and Kurrgan (uh….yeah). Kaientai is a four man heel team here and not the comedy guys they would become in a year or so. Golga starts with Light Heavyweight Champion Taka Michinoku and the big man rams his own head into the buckle for some reason. He shoves down all four members of Kaientai as we’re firmly in comedy match territory.

Golga steals Kaientai’s manager Yamaguchi-San’s shoes and blasts various people with it before it’s off to the dancing Kurrgan. He gets on his knees to fight Funaki in a funny bit before dancing even more. Three of the four Japanese guys swarm Kurrgan to no effect as he cleans house anyway. Yamaguchi-San is shoved down again and it’s off to Silva to clean the little bit of the house which isn’t taken care of yet.

Kaientai gets in a fight over who comes in but it’s Dick Togo (Best name EVER) who gets the job. All four guys come in again but they can’t combine to lift Silva’s legs. Silva sends all four of them into the corner and crushes them at once before Kurrgan comes in to whip one into the other three. Silva throws Taka over the top onto the other three as this is complete dominance. Back in and Golga tries a seated senton on Mens Teioh but Taka and Togo hit a double dropkick to stagger him.

Two members of the team combine to slam him and four straight top rope splashes followed by four straight legdrops get no cover. A quadruple dropkick has Golga in trouble but a quadruple clothesline puts Kaientai down. The hot tag brings in Kurrgan who takes down everyone in sight and hits a wicked side slam on Funaki. Everything breaks down as managers Luna Vachon and Yamaguchi-San get in a fight. A quadruple chokeslam is good for the pin by Golga on everyone from Japan.

Rating: C-. The match was nothing but comedy, it was overly long, Golga is the only Oddity that could do a thing in the ring…..and I can’t help but love the Oddities. There’s just something so innocently goofy about them that I smile every time I see Kurrgan do his dance. The match sucked but it has no expectations coming in so it’s completely harmless.

Back to Raw on September 28, 1998.

Oddities vs. Headbangers

The ICP, Detroit natives, play the Oddities to the ring. It’s Golga/Kurrgan here. The Headbangers jump Golga to start and it’s Mosh officially starting for the Bangers. Golga gets beaten up for awhile but shrugs it off and makes the tag to Kurrgan. The ICP trips up Thrasher and Kurrgan splashes him for the pin. This was nothing.

Another TV match from Raw on November 2, 1998.

Oddities vs. Mankind/Al Snow

Golga/Kurrgan here. ZZ Top is here. Mankind and Kurrgan start and we get a dance off until Snow jumps Kurrgan from behind. Off to Snow who has a bit less success. Snow fires off some kicks to the legs and Kurrgan goes down before Mankind comes back in. Golga comes in with a splash in the corner and an elbow drop for two. A side slam from Kurrgan gets the same as we’re told Vince is yelling at the Fink.

Mankind grabs a double arm DDT on Kurrgan and reaches for Socko, but he’s not there. Snow hits Kurrgan in the head with Head as Mankind leaves in panic. Snow walks into a bad Bossman Slam from Kurrgan. Snow makes both Oddities miss a few times but Kurrgan chokeslams him and the Earthquake gets the pin.

Rating: D+. This was a comedy match at times and a major upset at the end. Well maybe not major but still an upset. Kurrgan is a total guilty pleasure for me and when he’s in there with my all time favorite, what else am I going to say here other than it wasn’t all bad. This was nothing great but I had to like it a bit given who was in there.

The Oddities had a rare PPV appearance at In Your House XXVI.

Headbangers vs. Oddities

The Oddities are a group of guys who have some sort of deformity. In this case it’s Kurrgan, a giant called insane, and Golga, who allegedly has ridges and bumps on his head, necessitating a mask. He also carries a doll from some new show called South Park. They’re accompanied by the abnormally large Giant Silva and Luna who is just strange in general. Luna is the reason the match is happening after the Headbangers cut her hair recently. Kurrgan throws Mosh into the corner to start but Mosh snaps his throat across the top rope to get a breather.

A sidewalk slam puts Mosh right back down but he avoids a big boot to bring in Thrasher. Another sidewalk slam puts Thrasher down this time and both Headbangers are sent into the corner for a big splash from the 400lb+ Golga. A legdrop gets two for Golga on Thrasher and it’s back to Kurrgan who misses a middle rope splash.

Both Headbangers come in again for a double suplex and work on Kurrgan’s back a bit. The giant finally gets tired of the beating and shrugs them off, allowing the hot tag off to Golga. The monster cleans house and powerslams Mosh down but Thrasher springboards in with a cross body for the pin out of nowhere.

Rating: D. This was really dull and didn’t do much to pick up the bored crowd. The Headbangers wouldn’t be around much longer and the Oddities would only be around a few more months as well. I can’t say it fails though as Kurrgan and his stupid dancing are guilty pleasures for me.

We’ll wrap it up with one match from Raw on February 1, 1999.

Darren Drozdov vs. Kurrgan

Droz turned heel last week and beat up the Oddities’ friend George Steele. Kurrgan fights him back with power and hits a side slam for two. A splash in the corner puts Droz down and he gets clotheslined to the floor. Droz hits Kurrgan with a stick of some sort from under the ring and wins with a top rope shoulder.

So yeah, Kurrgan really wasn’t all that good. However, when you look at him in the tye dye and the hat and he’s doing that dance, I can’t help but smile. He’s just so stupid looking but takes it so seriously that it’s hard to not enjoy. He was an intimidating monster but then they made him a comedy character and it was for the better all around.

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