WWE Network Numbers Not Great

And that really shouldn’t surprise you.So you’re telling me that giving the Network to countries like the Falkland Islands, Mozambique, Sao Tome and Principe and Burkina Faso didn’t draw in a bunch of new subscribers? Say it ain’t so!

The number really doesn’t surprise me that much. The commitment going away is going to help as well. $60 sounds like a lot of money to some people and it might be more than they’re willing to spend. You cut that down to $10 a month where you can drop it at any time and see if the number doesn’t go up. Couple in Christmas coming up (“Mommy please can I have the Network? I’ve wanted it all year!” “Maybe Santa will bring it for you honey.”), the big season beginning and the new advertising money coming in (quick math: they need 1 million subscribers to break even right? Let’s say, and I’m making this number up, they make $1 million in advertising. That’s 10% of what they need a month already. That adds up quick) and things are going to improve.

It does amuse me that we’re seeing a complete change in the company’s business model and the detractors are laughing their heads off when it’s not perfect a mere eight months in. These are the tweaks that everyone iwth a brain knew were coming and they’ll make a big difference. The cost of running things are going to go down and the deficit will go with it. This is normal business and they’ll find a balance.


  1. Killjoy says:

    Its not surprising given the total unappeal behind the PPVS right now. The main drive of the Network. Matches on PPV might be great, but lets face it. Why see the Usos vs The Dusts if they’ve been fighting every week? Same with Ziggler and Cesaro or Miz and Sheamus. One or 2 matches on a card sounding somewhat good is not gonna make you get into a 6 month commitment that totals on $60 especially when all matches are rematches and have no real backbones to them.

  2. Aron Mathix says:

    You’re slacking big guy. No impAct review or any reviewing the reviews?

    klunderbunker Reply:

    They’re coming. I’m in England until Tuesday and the schedule is weird. I’ve started the Impact one already.

  3. james gracie says: