Wrestler of the Day – November 5: Rob Terry

Today we’re looking at a freak: Rob Terry.

Terry started in 2007 in FCW under the name Big Rob. WWE wasn’t that impressed though and released Terry in 2008. TNA signed him up and put him together with Douglas Williams and Magnus as the British Invasion. Here he is at Hard Justice 2009.

Rob Terry vs. Hernandez

Terry stole Hernandez’s briefcase and Supermex wants it back. Hernandez says the Impact Zone is his house and it’s like Terry stole the case from his family. This is going to be a fight, not a match. The other Brits try to interfere, Hernandez runs them off, bell, shoulderblock, pin. Literally, 9 seconds of the actual match.

Uh….let’s try something else. From Final Resolution 2009.

Feast or Fired

Jay Lethal, Consequences Creed, Cody Deaner, Robert Roode, James Storm, Eric Young, Homicide, Kiyoshi, Sheik Abdul Bashir, Rob Terry, Kevin Nash, Samoa Joe

Everyone from Young to Nash is in World Elite, making up half of the lineup here. Simple concept: four cases, one has a world title shot, one has an X Title shot, one has a tag title shot, one has a pink slip. You pull down a case, that’s what you get. Like I said, simple concept. This is of course almost impossible to call as everyone is doing random stuff and it’s a big fight so far.

Lethal goes up early, only to be stopped by Kiyoshi. The idea here is that World Elite doesn’t want Beer Money or Lethal Consequences to get a case so that the Brits don’t have to fight them. Smart actually. Joe hammers on Young as we hear about how experienced Homicide is in these. Deaner almost gets up but can’t quite get there. Apparently all of World Elite is banned from going up. Stupid but whatever.

Deaner goes up again but gets pulled down. This is a total mess with two people in the ring and the other nine being outside. Bashir goes up for the third time but Deaner stops him. They have been the only two in the ring forever now. Sheik rakes the eyes but he falls off and it’s Lethal Consequences beating on various people.

Lethal plays defense while Creed goes up but he gets knocked off by Bashir. Deaner challenges him for it and it falls off. They fight for it on the floor and Bashir kicks him in the knee and clocks him with it to get case #2. In the ring Rob Terry gets #4. Young gets all pissed off at him as does the rest of the World Elite team. Beer Money is like screw this and jumps them.

Beer Money double teams Nash and then Young. I can understand them not going up there as Nash was on his feet so that makes sense. BEER MONEY runs into Kiyoshi who doesn’t last long. All Beer Money here as they beat the tar out of everyone. Roode goes up but it’s Nash with the save. He goes up and easily gets case #1. The people that get cases leave by the way.

Joe gets in the ring for the first time as the fans are clearly behind him. He beats on Lethal Consequences because he can but he doesn’t have as much luck with Beer Money. Finishers all around now with Homicide hitting a top rope cutter to take down Roode. Deaner is up now but Joe is like boy what the heck do you think you’re doing and kicks him to the floor and grabs #3 to end this.

Rating: D. No idea what to really think about these matches but this wasn’t very interesting. It’s like a battle royal but it was messed up beyond belief. Deaner being in there way too much always hurts things. Nothing any good here but then again these matches never were worth anything. Boring but it sets up future storylines so I guess it has that going for it.

Terry’s X-Division Title case didn’t go anywhere so we’ll jump ahead to Destination X 2010. Terry has won the Global (eventual TV) Title in his home country of Wales.

Global Title: Magnus vs. Rob Terry

Terry is getting the Goldberg push which is fine I guess. It keeps his matches short if nothing else. It never ceases to amaze me that people talk about what an alternative to WWE TNA is supposed to be and here we have a not incredibly talented musclehead guy getting a mega push. A spinebuster ends this in like a minute and a half.

Rating: N/A. The Goldberg push continues, which I can’t say I have many problems with. This was a total non-threat so that’s all fine and good.

Global Title: Rob Terry vs. Orlando Jordan

We’re told that Terry has never turned down a title defense. What has he had? Two of them? They call this a battle of the freaks. Ok then. Jordan is lowered from the ceiling into the ring. Taz says it’s better than walking to the ring with a black towel on your head. Ok that was a funny line. Terry is called the Global Champion of the World. So don’t pay attention to that Venezuelan Global Champion.

He’s got JACK on Terry. Terry has come a long way in the last few months. Who would believe him having passable matches (given who he is) a few months ago? They list off the people he’s defended against. Wow they sound pitiful. This has been all Terry here. Jordan goes for the knee which makes a bit of sense I suppose. Jordan can’t even drop a knee properly. That’s hard to do. It truly is.

Oh and the flamboyant and bizarre guy is wearing gold. Nothing stolen there at all. The fans thing Terry Wants It apparently. WOW I want to smack those people. And there’s the spinebuster (Not calling it the Freakbuster or whatever Tenay called it) for the pin. That came out of nowhere. I SAID IT FIRST TAZ! SHUT UP!

Rating: D. Why in the world do these two get a decent amount of time on PPV? Again, Jordan is shock value for the sake of shock value. I defy anyone to say he’s valuable to the company or worth any kind of money he gets. What has he ever won? When your most memorable moments are getting beaten by Benoit in 30 seconds and whatever weird stuff he did in TNA, it’s a bad sign for your career.

Terry would join Immortal in late 2010 and be in a six man tag at Against All Odds 2011.

Gunner/Murphy/Rob Terry vs. Beer Money/Scott Steiner

This should be good. We have Rob Terry vs. Scott Steiner. That alone should sell the PPV. Steiners muscles are scary. Flair is going to be on Impact Thursday. The fans chant Scotty. He and Gunner start us off. I cant remember which is Gunner and which is Murphy so having Tazz tell us helps. Murphy tries a leapfrog but gets caught in a belly to belly.

And now its Freak vs. Freak. This should be awesome in various ways. Steiner says pose, Beer Money distracts, Steiner hits a low blow which shouldnt hurt due to the size of Terrys testicles. There are the pushups. Off to Gunner vs. Storm now with the weather related guy doing better in this encounter. He skins the cat and hits some clotheslines followed by a backdrop.

All Fourtune/Steroid dealer job insurance at the moment. Terry interferes and here comes Goon #1. We get an inset shot of AJ because I guess the wrestling isnt important enough to look at? Terry throws Storm around for a bit and a slam gets two. Backstabber out of nowhere and its off to no one as Terry blocks the tag. And so much for that as its off to Roode.

Roode misses a jumping forearm or there was miscommunication or something. Gunner and Roode are the only ones off the floor. Neckbreaker gets two for Roode. Spinning Rock Bottom gets two as Murphy saves. Beer Money both in now and they clean house. We get the signature taunt and Terry thankfully takes out Storm who didnt look at his opponents for about 40 seconds. Roode hits spinebusters all around and its off to Steiner. With Gunner on the top, Steiner busts out the Frankensteiner to end this.

Rating: C. This was your typical six man match. Steiner was the star of it which is fine I guess as none of the heels mean anything and Beer Money is already well established. Either way this was ok but really nothing special as weve seen it all a bunch of times before. Thats the problem so far: nothing is unique or even special. Granted were 35 minutes into the show so theres more than enough time.

Here’s a TV Title match from Impact on March 17, 2011.

TV Title: Rob Terry vs. Gunner vs. Murphy

Gunner has the tattoos. Got it. The tag team jumps Terry but then splits up soon. Hogan’s wife and Brooke (looks JUST like Linda) are here. We split the screen for a bit to show that the cops are here for Angle. People keep trying to steal wins which gets them nowhere. Murphy and Terry slug it out with Terry winning. Gunner pops up to spear him and then hits a modified F5 to win the title at 1:47. The match didn’t even make it to two minutes. Wow indeed. Bischoff comes out to applaud.

Terry would spend a lot of time in TNA’s developmental system, Ohio Valley Wrestling. Here he is on OVW TV, January 28, 2012.

Jason Wayne vs. Rob Terry

Wayne is a guy that I’ve always liked. He’s a big, muscular military character who wrestled a decent power style. Terry’s manager Christopher Mascagnai is guest referee due to being the OVW boss. We even get a weapons check with Wayne getting a very detailed search. The distraction lets Terry get in a cheap shot from behind as we start through Terry’s assortment of forearms.

Terry walks around for awhile and puts on a chinlock. Jason fights up but walks into a swinging neckbreaker as we take a break. Back with Jason eating a clothesline and drawing a cheer from Mascagnai. A rollup from Wayne gets no count so Terry hammers away even more. Rob slams him down for a lightning fast two before we go back to the chinlock. Back up and Wayne scores with an enziguri but Mascagnai stops some right hands. Terry comes in with a quick spinebuster for another fast counted pin.

Rating: D. This was almost all storyline instead of action but it was clear that neither guy was the best choice to carry a match. It’s rarely a good idea to have the same styles against one another and that’s all you had here. Wayne needed a lot more ring time but he had the look and mannerisms down.

Back to TNA at Sacrifice 2012 with Terry as Robbie E.’s muscle.

TV Title: DVon vs. Robbie E vs. Robbie T

Officially its a triple threat. DVon punches T to the floor and then punches E down. A Rock Bottom gets two on E but T pulls the champion to the floor. E gets back up and tells T to stand down because hes got this. Powerslam gets two for E. DVon comes back and knocks E to the floor but T catches him with a shot to the back. Powerslam gets two as E makes the save. Extra and Terrestrial get in a shoving match, allowing DVon to roll up T to retain at 5:40.

Rating: D+. This feud MUST be over now right? Its been going on for like four months now and for the life of me I dont get why its continued this long. Are there really no other people that can get in on the TV Title hunt? Nothing to see here but hopefully it ends this feud once and for all.

Same idea at Slammiversary 2012.

Garrett Bischoff/D-Von vs. Robbie E/Robbie T

The TV Title feud continues. E and Garrett get us going and Bischoff slams him down with relative ease. Off to the current OVW Champion as we get dueling WE WANT D-VON/YOU CAN’T WRESTLE chants. Right hands have no effect on T so Garrett tries some clotheslines, only to get pulled down to the floor by E. Madison is out watching again, looking GREAT in a red dress.

The fans still want D-Von but it’s Garrett getting worked over in the corner. The Rob’s hit a double team side slam/elbow drop combo and it’s chinlock time. Garrett comes back with a flapjack and D-Von finally gets in. House is cleaned and a Rock Bottom puts E down. A shoulder block gets a cover but T makes the save. Garrett low bridges T and hits a dive, as D-Von spinebusters E for the pin at 5:58.

Rating: D+. Nothing but a basic formula tag match here that needed to be on Impact rather than the PPV. The fans flat out do not care about Garrett but I guess this is better than him being in the main events of PPVs. Now, can we PLEASE find D-Von someone to feud with not named Garrett or Rob? It can’t be that hard.

Here’s the required showdown at Lockdown 2013.

Robbie E vs. Robbie T

Robbie E wants a timeout to start and there’s a hug attempt. Robbie T doesn’t seem interested and shoves E down with ease. E does some stretches in the corner before trying a headlock. That goes very badly for E and a one handed top wristlock puts E down. A single leg takedown doesn’t work at all so T launches him up into the air. T grabs him by the throat but E slaps his way out of it. E grabs a fast armbar before hooking a sleeper. T finally breaks the hold and catches E’s cross body with ease. A fireman’s carry into a spinebuster ends E at 5:50.

Rating: D+. This was what it was supposed to be but it doesn’t make for a good match. T has never been great but instead of being a comedy guy, he should be allowed to be a monster as he always should have been. Also thankfully this time there’s no Orlando Jordan for a stupid feud to derail any momentum he gets going.

Off to Impact on April 25, 2013.

Rob Terry vs. Jesse Godderz

Terry runs over Jesse to start as I guess the battle of the Rob’s is just continuing. Robbie E tries to distract Terry but Rob throws Jesse around by the throat. A second try at the distraction works a bit better and Jesse gets in some shots to the back and a dropkick. Jesse goes up but jumps into a powerslam for two as Robbie grabs the referee’s feet. Jesse tries to jump Terry again but gets launched into Robbie instead. Back in and the big spinebuster gets the pin on Jesse at 2:55.

Back to OVW for the Saturday Night Special (their big monthly show) in December 2013.

Rob Terry vs. Dylan Bostic

Before the match, Bostic has to take pictures of his good looking valet. Terry grabs Bostic by the head and takes pictures of him in a headlock. A big clothesline puts Dylan on the floor for a meeting with his lackeys. The guy lackey’s distraction lets Dylan get in a knee off the apron to take over. Terry slams him down back inside and easily breaks a sleeper. Time for more pictures, but the distraction lets Bostic hit Terry low for the pin.

Rating: D+. The girl in the swimsuit looked good but this felt like a TV match instead of a match at a special. If there was a reason for these two to be fighting, the announcers didn’t feel the need to explain it to us. Bostic is still around and still pretty lame, but he showed some potential here.

Terry would be at One Night Only: Global Impact Japan.

Keiji Mutoh/Rob Terry/Taiyo Kea vs. Masayuki Kono/Rene Dupree/Samoa Joe

Joe’s team gets the jobber treatment and Mutoh might retire if he loses. Joe and Kea get things going with Joe hammering away in the corner, only to have Kea no sell most of the shots. A big boot has little effect on Joe and an elbow to Kea’s jaw has the same result. Off to Terry vs. Dupree for a posedown before Renee dropkicks Terry’s knee out. Kono comes in to try a double suplex but Terry suplexes both of them at the same time.

Mutoh gets the tag for the power drive elbow before putting Kono in an STF. Back to Kea for chops followed by Terry for some cranking on the arm. Mutoh puts on a sleeper but Dupree gets in a cheap shot. Joe glares at his partner for the cheap shot and does the same thing to Kono, even going so far as to save Mutoh. Apparently he’s fine with backsplashing Mutoh for two and putting on the Koquina Clutch but everything breaks down.

Things settle down and Mutoh mostly misses a dropkick to Joe and the tag brings in Kea. A Russian legsweep gets two on Joe but he comes back with a powerslam. Off to Kono who gets caught in something resmbling a running DDT. Terry gets the tag and gets the crowd to clap a lot before hitting a slow motion Jackhammer. Kea rolls away and tags in Dupree who is quickly backdropped down.

Muta comes in and takes out everyone with dragon screw legwhips before putting Renee in a Figure Four. Kono makes a save so Muta hits Dupree with a Shining Wizard but everything breaks down. Members of the Desperadoes stable comes in to attack Mutoh but Joe won’t help them. He takes a chair from Dupree and headbutts him before walking out, allowing Mutoh to hit the Shining Wizard for the pin on Dupree.

Rating: D+. Well you knew Mutoh wasn’t jobbing here. This match was a big mess though with Joe wanting to do the right thing or whatever it was while all of the people interfered (and Tenay just expected us to know who they were because EVERYONE follows a year old Japanese promotion). This felt like “let’s all love Mutoh” and while he deserves respect, I don’t care for matches that turn into stuff like this. It wasn’t terrible or anything and the story made good sense, but it was messy.

We’ll wrap it up with Terry under his new persona of the Freak as part of the Menagerie stable. From Impact on July 3, 2014.

Tag Team Titles: Menagerie vs. Wolves vs. BroMans

The Wolves are defending and the Menagerie is the Freak and Knux. It’s a brawl to start with the Menagerie cleaning house. They LAUNCH DJZ over the top onto everyone else at ringside. Back in and the Freak suplexes both Wolves at the same time but Jesse tags himself in to work on Eddie. Jesse works on the arm before bringing in DJZ for a Hart Attack. DJZ is no Robbie though as it only gets two, allowing Eddie to hurricanrana both of them down at the same time. A hot tag brings in Davey who sends the Menagerie into each other. Davey throws Jesse into the kick from Eddie for the pin to retain at 4:18.

Rating: C. Nice and fun match here with all three teams looking decent. The Freak as the mindless muscle is the right idea for him as his singles pushes haven’t worked at all. The Wolves need opponents so putting them against two teams at once isn’t the best idea in the world. Still though, not bad.

Rob Terry is the epitome of a one note wrestler, but then you hear of him doing stuff like going 64 minutes in the OVW Nightmare (Royal) Rumble. You wouldn’t expect a guy built like that to be able to do so but I’ve seen him pull it off. Give him a Goldberg style push (obviously not to the same level) and let him use his abilities as well as he can.

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