Reviewing the Review – Monday Night Raw: November 3, 2014

We’re getting closer and closer to Survivor Series and for once the big elimination tag actually feels like it means something. We only have two members per team now though so it’s time to build up the rosters a little bit more. Other than that there’s….not much really. Oh wait Rusev finally wants the US Title. Let’s get to it.

We opened with a rare appearance from the Boss himself, Vince McMahon. To make a 20 minute promo short, Vince put the Authority’s future on the line in the elimination tag. This was a smart move as there was no real reason to care about the match otherwise. I’d love to see Cena put something up, but it can’t be something like never challenging for the title again because everyone would see the outcome a mile away.

Ambrose and Cesaro had a nice long match with Cesaro getting busted open and losing to Dirty Deeds. Bray Wyatt came out to watch but left before Ambrose could get to him. As usual, Cesaro and Ambrose had good chemistry together and the match was solid as you would expect.

The Authority wasn’t sure if Orton would make a good teammate. The turn continues.

Miz used some distraction to beat Jimmy Uso. It looks like we’re setting up a multi-team match at Survivor Series and this was just having the people on the teams fight. Nothing out of the ordinary and nothing all that interesting either. The match was exactly what you would expect from Miz vs. an Uso.

Tyson Kidd beat Sheamus via countout when he threw Natalya in front of the pale one. This was a nice surprise as Kidd got to show off for a change and Sheamus didn’t get pinned. There’s nothing wrong with losing via countout so no harm, no foul here.

The next big talking segment of the night was the Authority trying to get Ziggler to change sides for Survivor Series. HHH asked if Ziggler really thinks he’ll get any glory if Team Cena wins or if Cena will get any of the blame if they lose. Ziggler was offered whatever he wanted but the only thing he wants is the Authority out of power. HHH made Ziggler vs. Rollins for the Intercontinental Title right now. The promo made sense and was good enough, but like almost all HHH promos, it took WAY longer than it needed to. That’s my big issue with him: he just can’t cut to the chase and say what he wants to say. Speed it up Game.

As for the match, what else are you expecting? They went really fast, they ran around a lot, they almost had a finish and then Orton ran in for the DQ. Again, as long as Ziggler doesn’t get pinned, I can live with whatever they do to him. It’s called protecting champions and unfortunately it’s a lost art anymore. Actually it isn’t even an art. It’s lost common sense.

After a break, Orton came in to see the Authority. HHH made Orton a co-captain and set up Orton vs. Rollins tonight to let them get all this hatred out of their systems. Orton reluctantly agreed and you know something is going down tonight.

A bunch of eyes looked at us. I’m not sure who it was but it was creepy looking.

Ryback beat Titus O’Neil in about a minute. Standard Ryback formula.

Big Show said he misses his friend but now he’s going to knock Henry out. Simple and to the point.

Henry destroyed Big Show and hit him with the steps for a DQ. I’m really not a fan of these kind of matches and this was nothing worth seeing. In the back, Stephanie wanted Henry on the Survivor Series team. This would actually be followed up on next week.

Brie Bella wasn’t allowed to do an interview because Nikki said no. Erick Rowan came up and touched Renee Young’s hair after the twins left.

Nikki Bella beat Emma clean. Post match Brie had to go slap AJ on commentary, sending Nikki running away.

Xavier Woods appears to have a new preacher gimmick. No Kofi or Big E. in sight yet.

Rusev squashed Ryder for I think the 8th time (no exaggeration) since the night after Wrestlemania. Lana did her usual speech post match until Sheamus came to chase them off. After a break, Stephanie recruited Rusev but didn’t get an answer. Points for trying to get people involved at least.

Fernando beat Stardust in the same kind of match as Miz vs. Jimmy.

The main event saw Rollins beat Orton with a quick backslide. Again, what are you expecting here? Both guys are good workers and know how to work a main event style. Post match, Orton snapped and beat up the entire Authority but the numbers got the better of him, setting up a Curb Stomp onto the steps to end the show and sending Orton off to film a bad movie.

Post show Rusev beat Sheamus on the Network for the US Title. This continues to be the most logical and well done story in the company.

Overall Raw was better this week than the last few episodes as they advanced the stories and put on some good matches to back things up. At the end of the day though, three hours is just way too long every week, even if the show is entertaining throughout. I like the team members being teased but not selected, as it keeps more options open. Good show this week and I’m getting ready for Survivor Series. That’s a good sign.

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